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Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Brilliant!

The Boy is considering colleges. Seeing as theoretically he could be moving from the house and moving into a dorm in 13 month's time, this is not unreasonable. He's narrowed his choices to two that he would really, REALLY like to attend. 

He has BMW aspirations. 

We have a used Kia budget.  

In his world, he will graduate from University of Tulsa but the University of Texas at Austin would work just as well. Both of which have retail price tags that are enough to make any cardiologist weep with sheer joy. Tulsa is a private university, meaning you do the math. And UT at Austin? Well, it's out of state so he might as well be applying to Princeton.  

But I have a plan. 

Oh, don't talk to me about loans, grants, scholarships, or having a discussion with him about lowering his expectations. None of this will be necessary because my plan is totally, utterly full proof.  

No doubt you've heard the expression something "will cost an arm and a leg". Well I've done the math. Being a social worker, and one that works as a contractor to boot, my extremities are worth nothing more than tuition for one year at a state school. And let me be clear: I'm not talking about The University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State here. I'm talking about some tiny state institution holed up in a backwater town. Picture, if you will, Sorthweest Oklahoma U in Bluejacket, Oklahoma.* That's what my leg and arm are worth. 

Paris Hilton's extremities, however, are worth a LOT more.  

I'm going to harvest them.  

It won't be dodgy affair though. I don't think I can get nearly the amount of money for her arm and leg by hiring a professional amputator** and selling them on the black market.  No, I'm going to go about this in a completely legitimate and thoroughly 2012 way: I'm going to start an internet campaign that will no doubt go viral in hours the ultimately force her to donate them. All it takes is for the Reddit community to get wind of my plan. I totally have that one covered because The Geek's been on Reddit for years. Everyone knows once Reddit gets it in their collective heads that something needs to happen, they make it happen. Plus I think we all know celebrities are all about philanthropy and Paris is sorta lacking in this area. What celebrity wouldn't want to donate extremities to help send a kid with Asperger's Syndrome*** to college so he can ultimately make the world a better place, especially with Reddit shaming them into action? (We'll ignore for the moment that he wants to be an attorney.) Plus I'm talking PARIS HILTON. I personally think an arm and a leg is overkill. 

All she has to do is offer to sell her thumb--perhaps plated in platinum--at a charity auction and I'm telling you, my kid's going to Dartmouth and then Yale Law School for fucking free.**** It could be her left thumb. I would totally be OK with her going under general anesthesia for the procedure. And getting a prescription for 10mg Lortab for months afterwards. Since she's going to take care of The Boy's future, I don't think asking her to suffer is very polite. And let's face it, Paris could use the karma.  

I TOLD you. Fool. Proof. -> 

Song of the week: 

*Not an actual school. Sorthweest is an actual direction, though. And Bluejacket is a real town.  
**amputator is an actual word. On this blog. 
***printed with permission 
****And I mean FREE. Fees, books, living expenses, traveling, everything.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Randmoness. No Snark.

1. I found a blog a few months back and I just love it.  It's called Do Something Cool.  I suppose it's really nothing more than a self-help advice wrapped up in new technology and presented by a man instead of a woman. But somehow the articles have a different feel to them. This isn't a blog about how to quit drinking or ditch that man who treats you wrong or how your communication skills with your spouse are all wrong. 

Nope. He encourages you to jump in an area of the ocean swarming with sharks. He encourages you to travel, surround yourself with interesting people, do something new, get out of your comfort zone. He tells you to read books and stop watching TV and get off the computer. Ask questions. Seek answers. It's...well, cool.  

2. Speaking of cool, The Boy is planning a trip to NYC with his friends for next summer. He was bemoaning the costs, but seeing as he's 19, hostels and the bus are completely doable.  He's really committed to saving his money and going; I sincerely hope he makes it happen. I never had that kind of gumption when I was his age. 

3. My family, however, is going to go hang out in New Mexico--primarily Santa Fe. We leave in two weeks! I can't believe the time to go is finally here.  I've never been and I'm really looking forward to seeing the town and the area around it. I'm envisioning gorgeous photo opportunities for myself and lots of fun stuff to see and do for the family.  

Song of the week: 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Randomness

OK, first off, let's get this out of the way:

I'm not doing geography lessons anymore. That was a really stupid idea. You are quite capable of finding random places in the world and googling them to your hearts' content. 

2) I bought a bag of salt water taffy last night. Also a really, really stupid idea. I have absolutely no control when it comes to sweet, chewy goodness. In addition to taffy, I'm especially vulnerable to Brach's peppermint nougats, Mary Janes, Starbursts and Tootsie Rolls. Brach's also used to make the absolute best peanut butter taffy I've ever tasted and they only released it during Halloween season.  I'm pretty sure they discontinued it though, because I haven't seen the product on the shelves in years. Which is both a tragedy and a relief. 

3) I got in the cell phone photo show again! Opening is tonight and my photo was part of the press packet. Wheee!    

4) The OKC Thunder is in the finals for the NBA championship title and I went to nerve center last night for photos:

This is part where I pimp my arty photo 

You can find the majority of them here, others I took are in queue and I'll upload them in the days and weeks to come. My favorite is this one--I think from a technical standpoint it's the best by far. 

I'm bummed beyond belief that I never encountered the storm trooper. He's pretty much the only reason I went out there. Word on the street is he gets hot and heads inside the venue in short order. And to that I say TTTHHHPPPTTT. Dude, if you're going to put yourself out there like that, make a name for yourself with this schtick you've got going, you have an obligation to the public to make yourself seen. Outside. In the 90 degree heat. And 78% humidity. Where the little people with cameras, obscure blogs and no tickets hang out.  

I suppose I saw some interesting people. Out of all the stuff I saw last night though, what impressed me the most was that Al Jazeera Sport was there: 

Get. Out. 

I wouldn't think that other people in the world cared about American basketball--I sure don't--but apparently I'm way off base. I chatted with the cameraman for a minute or two:

HIM: Are you from here?

ME: I am. 

HIM: So you're a fan yes? 

ME: Honestly, I've never seen a game. 

HIM: So you're a big fan.  

ME: I am, yes.  -> 

Friday, June 1, 2012


I took a picture of a homeless man several weeks ago and posted it on my people blog. But I got video of him too as he used to break dance on the streets of Atlanta.  I've been carrying around said video on my phone ever since and I'm now sharing it with you, namely because it cost me a pack of cigarettes. But really? The world needs to see this: (8 seconds)  


Now, I ask you, can YOU do that? 

Say you: Why did it cost you a pack of cigarettes?  

Say me: For the 8 second demonstration there was a $3 charge.  Turns out I didn't have cash, so we bartered and I bought him the smokes instead. Yes, I've done the math. At $3 for 8 seconds of work, he's charging high-powered attorney rates of $1350/hr. To be fair, though, I bet he doesn't actually make that.   

City of the week: Puerto Montt, Chile. 

Population: Approximately 176,000. 

Fun fact: For about 10 years, it was the world's second largest producer of farmed salmon. But the economy fell on hard times when the fish started getting sick. 

Song of the week: 

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Shamelessly Promoting Myself Today

Random thoughts for this holiday weekend. (For most, anyway. I'm actually working Monday night.) 

1. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard knitted to it? 

1. Ignore that link up there. I find it highly annoying when websites make you become a member before letting you in the site. I rank it up there with websites that force you to listen to music when you stumble upon them. To this day, I don't understand the thinking behind that. If I want to listen to music, I'll find my own. I SORTA get it with a musician's website, but only a bit. Why force me to listen to your music? Just offer me options and I'll listen all by myself, thank you. 

2. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard attached to it? Never mind. You know what? If I saw someone wearing one of these things on the street, I would stop him or her immediately and ask for a photo. Walk on, bearded-beanie-wearing free-spirit. Walk on. 

3. I just heard an NPR clip on Eurovision. It's a singing contest in continental Europe, but that's not my point. My point is that it's taking place in Azerbaijan

Never heard of it, have you?  

Me either.  

God, we're such Americans.  

Let's change that shall we? I think I'll feature a region or city every week. We all could use some education about places that are not our own, right?  I won't go into the minutia of the place, just where it's located, the population and one random fact.  


Here I go:  


Capital city of....can you guess?  

That's right. Azerbaijan.  

Population: approximately 1.1 million

Random fact: The locale for Eurovision 2012.  

Geography lessons!  This is the kind of service you can't get from The Bloggess. 

4. On The Bloggess: Ttttthhhhppppttttt. Book tour. Articles written for The Church of Oprah Magazine. Features on one of my favorite NPR shows.  Simply no time at all to devote to The Little People who make her world possible. Simply NO TIME to take one simple picture of herself with a weasel (I've even lowered my standards) for one of her supporters. Even though Wil Wheaton and Matthew Broderick posed with random objects for her. (BTW, Wil Wheaton is quickly becoming my new boyfriend. I follow him on Tumblr. I luff him.) 

I even found Beyonce a boyfriend!

And still she ignores me. 


Be. The. Stoat!! I'm not giving up. YOU HEAR THAT, JENNY LAWSON? 

5. Hey!! You can follow ME on Tumblr. too. See that radio button up top? How about that? But wait, there's more. My people blog, which is all about celebrating humanity via my shamelessly poaching an idea from one Humans of New York, has been up and running for a while. And now I'm on Facebook too.  Wheeeee!!!!   

6. That's it. I got nothing else. 

7. I lied. I'm going to be in another art show! Check it out! 

Song of the week: 

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Still Don't Get It

Not entirely true. Literally as I cut and pasted it I got the concept of what they're trying to represent. So I've figured out three of them.  Top left, bottom left, third on the right. OH! I just figured out second left too, so I have half. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Expectations Blown

For years, and I do mean years, we've had owls living in our neighborhood.  

My house was built in 1950, the trees are mature around here and there are lots of them. Mice are everywhere and everyone knows owls nom on mice. It's always kind cool to hear their calls in the early morning, to know they're out there patrolling. I love them. 

This morning Mitch and I started talking about maybe building an owl house right in the yard. How cool would that be? We talked about building bat houses a few years ago to the absolute horror of my sister-n-law, but never made it happen.* An owl house, though, would be even cooler than a bat house because everyone loves owls. Aside from hunting mice, they can move their heads ALL the way around. They have those gorgeous faces and near silent flight and fantastic movies made about them. Plus they're an endangered species so we would be doing our part to help out our fine feathered friends. And hello? They hoot

Plus I think Larry would get along really well with them. And he's way too big to eat. Unless we got a Great Horned Owl or two. But then they would likely be much more interested in yippers than Larry. (They can start with the chihuahua who moved in across the street. His name is Poncho. He gets out ALL the time and thinks he can take on cars.)  

Off to the Googles!  

I quickly found some info sites and started listening to the owl calls because I wanted to identify our neighborhood buddies so I could find the proper house for them.  

Are you ready for this?  

This WHOLE time we've been hearing not owls but mourning doves!  

Just listen (call starts at 16 seconds): 



Fucking impostors.  

I mean, I guess they're sorta groovy.  

But they're not OWL groovy. They're not even considered an endangered species. They're just, you know, birds. That are everywhere.  Who impersonate much cooler birds and lead me to think my neighborhood has some serious wildlife swank going on.   

I got totally owned by Mother Nature.

It's like my morning walk taking Libby to school just got a demotion.   

I'm crushed.-> 

Song of the week:  

*There's no hating on bats. Bats are fabulous. You can harvest their guano, which is just a fancy word for "poop" for fertilizer. AND they eat mosquitoes by the thousands. What's not to love? OK, there is that vampire thing but that's nothing but a myth. It was proven long ago that vampires aren't animagi. Only wizards can do that. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

So I saved this video for today's post.  

Want to hear the sweetest thing? 

Just in time for Easter too. 

I told you I stalked Larry for way too long. That doesn't mean I was immune to the charms of other birdie types living in his rooster commune.   

Have you ever heard a neophyte rooster cock-a-doodle-doo?  

If I was a bird and still in my birthing years, my avian eggs would totally be wiggling.  

Seriously. (You don't have to watch past the 12 second mark.  I was hoping he would do it again but he didn't.)  



Hope everyone enjoys their family time this weekend.  

Song of the week: 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Eat ALL the Chocolate! (+ Roosters)

I do believe it's not unreasonable to devote an entire to entry to fact that eating chocolate might make you thinner.  

You read that correctly.  

I'm not lying!  

So, in honor of this happy fact, I'm linking back to my recipe for The Best Cookie on the Planet. Which you will want to make TODAY and share with all your friends put in Easter baskets next week and have for breakfast lunch and dinner since eating chocolate three times a day is the new Weight Watchers.  

Go forth and consume Ghiradellis. Specifically the dark chcolate squares embellished with sea salt and almonds.   


I totally lied.  

I'm not devoting the entire blog entry to chocolate, because it's important to address my encounter with a rooster the other day: 

He yelled at me. I've decided roosters, as a lot, are bastards.
He lives at a local greenhouse with about 20 buddies.

A rooster frat house, if you will.  

And I'm going back because how can one possibly turn down the opportunity to take pictures of roosters? 

There's one in particular that I MUST capture on pixels because...well...I'll leave you hanging for now.  Just trust me when I tell you it's essential.  

And THIS, my friends, is why The Bloggess should pose with a taxidermied stoat for my blog.* 

Because I found a boyfriend for Beyonce and I'll prove it as soon as I get his picture. 

UPDATED 15 minutes later: OMG. So relevant

Song of the week**: 

*You see what I did there?
**I'm TOTALLY making this song my blog's theme song. I can do it even if I don't have a metal rooster in my yard.  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

1) You know what I've discovered a few years ago because of the magic that is Facebook?  

There are people in this world that like Peeps. 

Correction: There are people in this world that LOVE Peeps.

It gets worse: There are people in this world who intentionally leave out Peeps until they're stale and THEN consume them.  

Say you: Haven't you discussed this before? You're recycling material. 

Say me: it never ceases to amaze me, the love people have for Peeps. It's like watching a train wreck. Or an episode of Jersey Girls. Whichever. 

PLUS, it's good knowledge for safe keeping. Just tuck it away. When you're having a really bad day, when you discover you've got a flat tire, the dog pooped in your bedroom, the boss told you you had to come in on Saturday and you're not only out of meds, but Diet Coke as well, you can always pull it out and say to yourself: "It could be worse. I could actually like to eat stale Peeps."

2) I don't even know why I go to Pinterest. The front page is nothing more than a mish-mash of Vogue and Martha Stewart with a dash of the Food Network all thrown onto one, easy access space. The entire site is essentially designed to send ordinary women into a spiraling depression with merely the click of a mouse. 

Let's be clear here: My food will never look that pretty, I will never own a a home that looks, inside or out, anything like the homes depicted in those pictures, my lawn is currently peppered with dandelions and those irritating purple weed thingies that pop up every year at this time, and I am WAY past having a designer wardrobe, let alone a designer body to don such clothing. 

To wit: the jeans I am currently wearing have stains on the knees from when I was out taking pictures earlier this week. I noticed them last night when I was getting a pedicure. And yes, I put them right back on this morning. 

Take that, Mademoiselle.**

I don't even own a cute little dog. Mine's an 85-pound galoot. 

So I mostly post stuff to my board of amusing images. I recently discovered there are 128 people following that board. Which makes me feel like I'm not alone in my growing ambivalence towards Pinterest.* 

3)I am, however, completely jazzed about a few photographs I took this week. Which is a perfect segue to pimp my photo blog on Tumblr.  
But I'll post the photos here, too.  

First up, an old pottery friend lives not far from me in a fabulous, three story, pre WWII home. You know, the kind of house I'll never have? His. But I don't begrudge him because of his dogs. Who hang out on the second story roof when the weather's nice: 

Meet Miranda (on the left) and Lacey. Boozer is the nefarious-contriving feline observing from the balcony. Boozer wins for having one of the best cat names I've ever heard. It ranks up there with Ferris Mewler.

Here's another shot. I took this one before Boozer arrived: 

I was going to put a witty caption here, but I can't think of one. 
And here's one I took later on in the week. It was after a call, so I was lurking around the city at 2 in the morning. I love my new tripod. 

For those of you in the OKC area, I was standing across the street from Little Flower Church for this vantage point.  

4)My family and I consider ourselves intellectuals. This is why there's no hating on Facebook. It keeps our cognitively stimulating discussions ever present, even over vast distances: 

click for larger view

5) Did you see how I interjected The Blogess' cat up there? Clever, right? I have not given up on my crusade to get her to pose with a taxidermied stoat for my blog. 

Because I am the stoat. Come on, Jenny. Pay it forward. Don't be too big for the little people. I'll mail you twine if you do. Pinky swear. ->

Song of the week: 

*I forgot what I was going to say, so never mind. 
**Is that magazine still even around? You know what? I don't think it is. Score for the out-dated pop culture reference! *fist pump*  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Music Flashback

It's a pretty morning. I'm going out to take pictures. I'll post a few later.  

In the meantime...

Saw him twice in concert, thankyouverymuch. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Be. The. Stoat.

See, here's the deal....

I paint myself into these little corners and then when I'm uninspired, I'm stuck.  


I said to you and mostly myself when I shook things up here a bit in my trench back in August.  

What if I'm still shell-shocked from my three hours of work that Blogger annihilated on Tuesday night?  

What if I have nothing to say?  

What if, God forbid, I'm BORING?  

Then I have to sit here and type anyway and pretend that I have a grand plan when in reality there's just nothing but solid free-flow randomness going on right now. 

I'm not even drinking.  

I guess I could point you to some random web stuff I saw this week while poking around.   

Like scooting chickens.

And stoats. Stoats are badass.*  "Be the stoat" is my new mantra. Be. The. Stoat.  (Warning, don't watch if you're going to be traumatized by the whole predator/prey thing.  Especially when it's so close to Easter and said prey is a cute bunny rabbit. Not, thankfully, a loppy-eared bunny though. That would just be tragic and horrible and nightmare-inducing.)

Oh, I know! I could use this particular mental lull to start a campaign to get the Bloggess to pose with a taxidermied stoat and give me permission to post the pic right here on Trench Warfare. I mean, she got Matthewfucking Broderick to pose with a SPOON for her blog, for crying out loud. He's been my boyfriend since War Games and Ladyhawke**, both of which pre-date Ferris Bueller by years, meaning I'm totally a better Gen X-er than her even though she named her cat Ferris Mewler*** so the least she could do is pay it forward, right?  

You betcha.  

Plus, she just lives down in Texas so we're practically neighbors! AND my brother-n-law has a booth at Roundtop, only the biggest antique show this side of that huge cross on I-40 in Arkansas, every year so he would have the inside scoop of where all the good stuff was and flea markets are TOTALLY her thing, so we could even have a date! Except I wouldn't call it a date because then she might think I was being all stalkerish and weird. Which would turn her off to posing with a dead taxidermied stoat and letting me post it here.   

Of course, that means I might have to actually get on Twitter. 

Like, tweet and everything. 

The horror. 

Decisions, decisions...

If it means having a date bonding with drinking merlot with getting her to look my way, I'll make the sacrifice. She'll probably play hard-to-get. Ignore me for three years because I'm so low on the blogger food chain. Make me beg...

That's OK, I'm in for the long haul. Know why?  Because I. Am. The. Stoat.    

I wonder if I can find a song about stoats....?  


Song of the week: Suspicious Stoats  by Trampo. Just press the little play button there.  

suspicious stoats

*Embedding not allowed 
**Can I get an "Amen" for Ladyhawke
**Which, OK. Best cat name EVER. But, you know...whatever. Besides, I'm declaring my next cat's name to be Philipe Gastone, so we're even. I just can't let Old Angry Cat know I'm already planning for his replacement because then he'll find a loppy-eared bunny, behead it, and hide it my bed all Godfather-like. But only after he eats the ears. BTW, he's still bald. But don't tell him I told you, OK? I might end up with a loppy-eared bunny and a stoat head in my bed. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Net Bounty

The wonder curse wonder! curse WONDER  of the net is all the fabulous stuff that's floating around. Between StumbleUpon, my friends, blogs I follow and my memory, I came across some great stuff this week. 

Here's a woman whose home is a sanctuary for cats. And dogs. But mostly cats. Like, over 500 of them: 

Here's a fantastic site called Humans of New York. Behind the lens is just a guy in his twenties who lost his job, after which he  decided to move to Manhattan with his camera and start taking pictures of strangers. It's amazing. I shall live vicariously through this young man because I don't think I've ever taken that big of a risk in my life. Best of all? His friend flashed Bill Clinton and he got a picture of it. 

The whole project reminds me of another site I found years back called Hel Looks, which is a photo essay/documentary of people in Helsinki (a destination that's on my bucket list, by the way). It's gorgeous, as are the people there.  

I would love to do something like this for Norman and Oklahoma City except a) it's obviously been done and b) the overriding  "fashion"  here is jeans and t-shirts. Which would got old pretty quick.  

Along the same lines of destination websites, check out this one. It's dedicated to people going to famous destinations in the world...and then mooning the camera. Not sure if I can get behind this one.  

Check out this video. It's only 10 minutes and features yet another courageous young person. The future is bright with people like this in the world: 

Song of the week. I don't know the name of it, it's not posted in the comment section of the Youtube video, and Shazam can't identify it. But it's cool:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney

I was never a huge fan, but if you were raised as part of the original MTV generation as I was, she was hard to miss. Her's is a tragic story of the rise and fall of a star. Here she was in her prime: a voice electric enough to raise the hair on your arms, sassy, sultry, stunning, embracing female talent of yore and on the horizon and pregnant.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Complete Randomness

Some random thoughts: 

1. My dog stinks. 

2. My calico cat is driving me crazy. She wants in and out no less than 213 times a day, and she's quite vocal on the matter. Every. Time.  

3. Old Angry Cat remains bald and flakey: 

4. It is February 3, 2012 and as I type central Oklahoma is under a tornado watch. 


I would like to point out to all you folks that don't inhabit this state that we generally don't have to start worrying about tornadoes until April or May. You know, in the spring. Usually this time of year we have to worry about ice. 

Because it's supposed to be winter. 

Well I call foul.  

With the exception of one frigid snap in December--I think it lasted two days--this entire "cold season" has been a complete and utter failure. Call me silly, but I rather enjoy having 4 distinct seasons. If Mother Nature is going to feel the need to assault us with 100+ temperatures for over thirty consecutive days this past summer, the least she could do is back it up with some wintery mix of sleet and snow that paralyzes the metro area for 24 hours.  

I want a snowman in my front yard. Is that too much to ask?

5. I've been staring at this computer screen for five minutes thinking of something else to say. I got nothing. 

6. No wait! I changed my mind. THIS guy takes a picture of a dead mallard posed next to a gun and then has the nerve to charge....wait for it...$40,000 for the print. 

For sale on...wait for it...Etsy. 

I can't make this shit up.  

Song of the week: 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Satin Flight

I've been shopping for flatware ALL WEEK.  

It's exhausting!  

(epic sigh)

There are so many choices out there when you google "18/10 stainless steel flatware" (yes, google is a verb. Don't try and tell me it's not, it is) that it's completely overwhelming. Even when you try to limit yourself to one brand, say Onieda, the choices are ridiculous. And the names companies choose for product lines give you absolute no indication as to what the product actually looks like.  

You know what I'm saying. 

Sand Dune
Satin Flight

When I see "Amsterdam" on a website, for instance, I immediately think of pot being legally sold on the street. Therefore the utensils should have marijuana leaves on them. 
I don't think that's a huge leap at all. 

But they don't.   

"Joann" is just one letter away from "Joan" which leads me to Joan Crawford, which leads me to Mommy Dearest, which leads me to coat hangers.  

Suffice it to say the "Joann" line doesn't include a fork with a molded coat-hanger opposite the tines. 

I just want a nice, heavy knife for spreading my butter.  Is that too much to ask?   

When I encounter such "problems" in my life, I always think about a book that I keep telling myself I'm going to read and have yet to make the time to do so. 

You've heard of the paradox of choice, right? 

Here, take 20 minutes: 

If you didn't take the time to watch, I'll sum up concept with his one brilliant observation: "The key to happiness is lowering your expectations."  

Not that this helps me with my Gourmet Settings Avalon flatware vs. Oneida Act I flatware vs. Crate & Barrel Tuscany flatware vs. a much better style of flatware I've yet to discover, but it's a nice concept to keep in mind. 

Oh, wait!  I think what he's saying is I just need to go to a thrift store to get my flatware. Or perhaps a garage sale. Target, maybe. But at that point I'm clearly raising my expectations because if I go to Target to shop for flatware, I'll actually expect all the pieces to match.  

On a completely different note, I bought a shirt two weeks ago, have only worn it once, and now I can't find it.   

Song of the week(which, by the way, I had a really hard time choosing. And I'm still not sure I went with the right one):

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ticking Clocks

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life.  

My friend's grandmother died recently. Before her death, however, my friend was charged with going to Texas and cleaning out the house. There was a ton of stuff that made its way back up to Oklahoma, including two cuckoo clocks. My friend and her brother, for reasons that I simply cannot fathom, didn't want the clocks. 


So, via trickle-down economics, one came to live in my home and the bigger one now lives in my parent's house (my dad loves clocks.) They were both in perfect working order.  

I am here to publicly announce that I LOVE the cuckoo clock. Love it.  And so does the rest of my family. I love the charming, whimsical sound of constant ticking and my little birdie telling me the time. I love that it needs no batteries and love the fact that Libby pulls the chains up every morning to keep it running. I love that it is now on its second life and will hopefully have a third one years from now. And while it's not a style I would have chosen for myself if I had bought it, I love that it feels as if it's been residing in my home for years.  

It lives in the hallway right outside my kitchen. 

Take 29 seconds:  

Song of the week: 

Friday, December 30, 2011


On this, the second-to-last day of 2011, I'm traveling back in time.

So my friend posted this to Facebook and I think it's the coolest thing. But I was only able to guess a few of the movies. The ones in red are ones that readers identified. Apparently this thing has been making the web rounds for a while and I was way behind the curve. Thanks everyone for your help in filling in the blanks.   

A: Airplane
B: Back to the Future
C: Coming to America 
D: Dirty Dancing 
F: Flight of the Navigator
G: Ghostbusters*
H: Honey I Shrunk the Kids
I: Indiana Jones
J: Jumping Jack Flash
K: Karate Kid
L: Labyrinth 
M: Mannequin 
N: Nightmare on Elm Street
O: Octopussy 
P: Princess Bride (?)
Q: Q
R: Rambo
S: Short Circuit (I get partial credit, as I remembered Ally Sheedy was in it.)
T: Teen Wolf
U: Untouchables
V: Vice Versa
W: Weird Science 
X: Xanadu 
Y: Youngblood
Z: Zelig

Fact: I still have my original Xanadu soundtrack. On vinyl. No judging, I was 12. 

On a different note, the site responsible for this poster has some great t-shirts.  I'm going shopping. 

And in the spirit of the 80's:

*I'm simply appalled I didn't get that one.  It's so obvious.