Friday, December 30, 2011


On this, the second-to-last day of 2011, I'm traveling back in time.

So my friend posted this to Facebook and I think it's the coolest thing. But I was only able to guess a few of the movies. The ones in red are ones that readers identified. Apparently this thing has been making the web rounds for a while and I was way behind the curve. Thanks everyone for your help in filling in the blanks.   

A: Airplane
B: Back to the Future
C: Coming to America 
D: Dirty Dancing 
F: Flight of the Navigator
G: Ghostbusters*
H: Honey I Shrunk the Kids
I: Indiana Jones
J: Jumping Jack Flash
K: Karate Kid
L: Labyrinth 
M: Mannequin 
N: Nightmare on Elm Street
O: Octopussy 
P: Princess Bride (?)
Q: Q
R: Rambo
S: Short Circuit (I get partial credit, as I remembered Ally Sheedy was in it.)
T: Teen Wolf
U: Untouchables
V: Vice Versa
W: Weird Science 
X: Xanadu 
Y: Youngblood
Z: Zelig

Fact: I still have my original Xanadu soundtrack. On vinyl. No judging, I was 12. 

On a different note, the site responsible for this poster has some great t-shirts.  I'm going shopping. 

And in the spirit of the 80's:

*I'm simply appalled I didn't get that one.  It's so obvious. 


Sharon Weatherly Anderson said...

B is Breakfast Club I believe
C - Coming to America
D - Dirty Dancing, did you get that one? I can't see your blog with the comment box up.
F - Flight of the Navigator
G - Ghostbusters
J - Jumping Jack Flash
N - Nightmare on Elm Street
O - Octopussy
S - Short Circuit (yes, with Allie Sheedy)
T - Teen Wolf
U - Uncle Buck (?)

I may have filled in a couple for you. I think they have the W wrong. I think they are thinking "What a Feeling", but that is the name of the song, not the movie, which was Flashdance.

Deirdre said...

I think
B - Back to the Future (looks like Marty McFly)
P - Princess Bride (think that's Andre the Giant)
Z - Zelig - only Woody Allen movie that starts with a Z

Agree that
C - Coming to America
D - Dirty Dancing
G - Ghost Busters

Tanya said...

CAN NOT BELIEVE I missed Ghostbusters. That's embarrassing.

Tanya said...

Coming to America! Yes. Again, recognized but didn't remember the name. Eddie Murphy.

Anonymous said...


Deirdre said...

Okay - did I not post what I thought I posted? I've become slightly (perhaps in an unhealthy way) determined to figure all these out.

A - Airplane.
M - Mannequin
Q - the movie Q
U - Untouchables
W - Weird Science

Still can't get the others though (without cheating - there are lots of sites that have it done).

Sharon Weatherly Anderson said...

Well done Deirdre, I've only been slightly obsessed, but more obsessed with cleaning up my Christmas decorations. Glad to see many more filled in. Yes, definitely Untouchables, not Uncle Buck. Weird Science is spot on as well. Still not sure about Airplane, that looks more like a policeman than a pilot to me, but you are probably right.

Sharon Weatherly Anderson said...

I think V is Vice Versa, that Judge Reinhold movie that is a rip off of Freaky Friday. I think Vacation would have been a much better choice.

Anonymous said...

I love this poster. I think I might but it and hang it up. Mom

Deirdre said...

I think Y is Youngblood - the hockey movie? Could that be a hockey player?

UGH ... the torture of one left blank!!!

Tanya said...

Actually, Sharon got Youngbloods on Friday--I just failed to update. I think we're all done now. Thanks, everyone! That was fun.