Friday, January 6, 2012

Ticking Clocks

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life.  

My friend's grandmother died recently. Before her death, however, my friend was charged with going to Texas and cleaning out the house. There was a ton of stuff that made its way back up to Oklahoma, including two cuckoo clocks. My friend and her brother, for reasons that I simply cannot fathom, didn't want the clocks. 


So, via trickle-down economics, one came to live in my home and the bigger one now lives in my parent's house (my dad loves clocks.) They were both in perfect working order.  

I am here to publicly announce that I LOVE the cuckoo clock. Love it.  And so does the rest of my family. I love the charming, whimsical sound of constant ticking and my little birdie telling me the time. I love that it needs no batteries and love the fact that Libby pulls the chains up every morning to keep it running. I love that it is now on its second life and will hopefully have a third one years from now. And while it's not a style I would have chosen for myself if I had bought it, I love that it feels as if it's been residing in my home for years.  

It lives in the hallway right outside my kitchen. 

Take 29 seconds:  

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Anonymous said...

Quite beautiful. Clock man was here yesterday and all of our clocks will be in working out by end of February. There will be lots of clocks for all siblings to share when we die. Love, Mom

tuesday@11 said...

I watched the video with mixed emotions. It brought back wonderful memories of my grandparents cuckoo clock that I listened to from a very young child to an adult with kids of my own. Then along came a woman who took advantage of my grandma's age and walked away with it.Hurts like hell. Enjoy yours and watch out for that bitch.

Baysage said...

The cuckoo sounds terrific. I am anxious to have a look at it.

So, my girl, maybe you've inherited something from me. The more you dig clocks, the more you will eventually find necessary. I like everything about clocks, and like you, especially the ones that don't have a quartz movement but are a concoction of sprockets and wheels, pendulums and weights. The story of how clocks came to be is quite fascinating, all wrapped up with longitude and latitude.

The clock guy came and picked up the grandfather clock's works the other day. He also took the Regulator that quit working. We're going to put a quartz movement in it, because it was dear--especially with the bill for the grandfather--to repair it. But we will keep the original movement in case somebody ever wants to have it repaired. Can't wait to have both these clocks back in the house and adding their unique voices to the passage of time.