Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Shamelessly Promoting Myself Today

Random thoughts for this holiday weekend. (For most, anyway. I'm actually working Monday night.) 

1. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard knitted to it? 

1. Ignore that link up there. I find it highly annoying when websites make you become a member before letting you in the site. I rank it up there with websites that force you to listen to music when you stumble upon them. To this day, I don't understand the thinking behind that. If I want to listen to music, I'll find my own. I SORTA get it with a musician's website, but only a bit. Why force me to listen to your music? Just offer me options and I'll listen all by myself, thank you. 

2. Would someone please explain to me why anyone on earth would wear a beanie with a beard attached to it? Never mind. You know what? If I saw someone wearing one of these things on the street, I would stop him or her immediately and ask for a photo. Walk on, bearded-beanie-wearing free-spirit. Walk on. 

3. I just heard an NPR clip on Eurovision. It's a singing contest in continental Europe, but that's not my point. My point is that it's taking place in Azerbaijan

Never heard of it, have you?  

Me either.  

God, we're such Americans.  

Let's change that shall we? I think I'll feature a region or city every week. We all could use some education about places that are not our own, right?  I won't go into the minutia of the place, just where it's located, the population and one random fact.  


Here I go:  


Capital city of....can you guess?  

That's right. Azerbaijan.  

Population: approximately 1.1 million

Random fact: The locale for Eurovision 2012.  

Geography lessons!  This is the kind of service you can't get from The Bloggess. 

4. On The Bloggess: Ttttthhhhppppttttt. Book tour. Articles written for The Church of Oprah Magazine. Features on one of my favorite NPR shows.  Simply no time at all to devote to The Little People who make her world possible. Simply NO TIME to take one simple picture of herself with a weasel (I've even lowered my standards) for one of her supporters. Even though Wil Wheaton and Matthew Broderick posed with random objects for her. (BTW, Wil Wheaton is quickly becoming my new boyfriend. I follow him on Tumblr. I luff him.) 

I even found Beyonce a boyfriend!

And still she ignores me. 


Be. The. Stoat!! I'm not giving up. YOU HEAR THAT, JENNY LAWSON? 

5. Hey!! You can follow ME on Tumblr. too. See that radio button up top? How about that? But wait, there's more. My people blog, which is all about celebrating humanity via my shamelessly poaching an idea from one Humans of New York, has been up and running for a while. And now I'm on Facebook too.  Wheeeee!!!!   

6. That's it. I got nothing else. 

7. I lied. I'm going to be in another art show! Check it out! 

Song of the week: 

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