Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Jumped the Shark. But I'll Still Watch It I'm Sure Because I'm Committed Like That.

I'm not ashamed to say I've watched Grey's Anatomy from the very beginning. I binged on the entire first season via DVD with my mother and have been hooked ever since.  

OK...I am ashamed to say it. But I said it anyway, so I'll scream it from the webbie rooftops: 


I've stuck with them through the following:  

1. A favored character getting fired for making anti-gay statements (he left his fiance at the alter, which is how they wrote him off the show) 

2. Another buying the farm by getting hit by a bus

3. A third getting stage 16 skin cancer and running off to--well, we never found out where but she LIVED. (But prior to running off to live forever with stage 16 skin cancer they bring back her lover who died 2 seasons before and kept him around for a dozen episodes. How does this happen, you ask? You give her stage 16 skin cancer in which she experiences tactile, visual and auditory hallucinations.)

3. THE main character almost drowning but ohmigawd saved by the magical doctors and some Ouji-board type communication with her dead mother. (I sense a theme.)  

4. The entire hospital being taken over by a mad gunman (only minor characters died off after that one)

5. A near-fatal ambulance crash for some major characters

6. A near-fatal car crash for a major character (who, by-the-way, was married to the man that got hit by a bus but now she's a lesbian) that lead to a fucking SINGING episode (so she's a singing lesbian), because those docs are all just Broadway stars in disguise, and now?  

7. Plane crash.  

That's right.  

A plane crash where they ALL survive except one main character. But she kicks it only after the man she's been chasing for three seasons finally admits that he LUUURRRVVVSSS her and they're going to get married and make lots of beautiful babies.

Say you: It's drama! What's your point? 

Say me: My POINT is that no WAY does anyone survive a plane crash, let alone most surviving a plane crash. Not even in LOST--an entire show that revolved around a plane crash (don't get me started on that disastrous final season)--did they survive. 

MY POINT is that I could suspend disbelief for a very long time but they have finally crossed a line here. 

Plus my life is boring. 

Proof: I've never been forced to operate on anyone at gunpoint and I've never communicated with the anyone from the afterlife. Oh, and I can't sing.  ->


Anonymous said...

I am addicted too Mom

hbkana said...

So I get online and google "grey's anatomy jump shark" just to reassure myself that someone else out there was left with a "you've got to be kidding me" vibe after last week's finale. Honestly. Your blog post was everything I was looking for and more. Thank you. I too got hooked after an embarrassing binge on season one dvds and have ridden out the storm of impossible drama ever since....and will continue to do so in September. But now I know I'm not alone. And your blog is I kind of feel like I got a bit of that hour of my life back just now. Oh Shonda, you work in mysterious ways.

Tanya said...

No, you are not alone. I was utterly baffled by that finale. Honestly, I should have let go when George got hit by a bus. WHO GETS HIT BY A BUS? Thanks so much for reading!