Friday, June 1, 2012


I took a picture of a homeless man several weeks ago and posted it on my people blog. But I got video of him too as he used to break dance on the streets of Atlanta.  I've been carrying around said video on my phone ever since and I'm now sharing it with you, namely because it cost me a pack of cigarettes. But really? The world needs to see this: (8 seconds)  

Now, I ask you, can YOU do that? 

Say you: Why did it cost you a pack of cigarettes?  

Say me: For the 8 second demonstration there was a $3 charge.  Turns out I didn't have cash, so we bartered and I bought him the smokes instead. Yes, I've done the math. At $3 for 8 seconds of work, he's charging high-powered attorney rates of $1350/hr. To be fair, though, I bet he doesn't actually make that.   

City of the week: Puerto Montt, Chile. 

Population: Approximately 176,000. 

Fun fact: For about 10 years, it was the world's second largest producer of farmed salmon. But the economy fell on hard times when the fish started getting sick. 

Song of the week: 

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Nectarine said...

I'd say you totally got your $3 bucks worth.