Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sacrifices for my Art

We have established that I'm a menace to society, right? What with me having the nerve to take pictures and stuff--I've even managed to get myself kicked out of a mall! I really should be wearing a monitoring bracelet.

Say you: You got kicked out of a mall??

Say me: I did, yeah. To be fair I had completely abused the security guard's trust as he had told me I couldn't take pictures not 10 minutes before. But in my defense, that mall is dead. And I HAD to get the picture. You can read about it here.  

I was recently meandering about a place in the city that is technically off limits. They're tearing down an old section of a highway--I guess the city is concerned about falling beams and whatnot. But from my highly untrained eye the whole thing looks perfectly sound right now and there's really cool stuff to capture, so I took it upon myself to step over that orange DANGER-DO-NOT-ENTER construction fence that was only about a foot high anyway--so really it's more of an invitation than a barrier--and walk right under there. 

I became emboldened when I noticed two construction guys walking up the on-ramp, glance my way and not say anything. 

Until they were on the way down. 



Here it comes, I thought. It's been a fun ten minutes but they're kicking me out. I suppose there are dangling bits of concrete all up under here:  

They are just concerned for my well-being.  They clearly didn't want me to knock my head on one of those things and bleed to death, or at the very least get a concussion. Plus these rocks on the ground aren't all that stable and to top it off, I'm wearing sandals. Obviously he doesn't want me to fall and break my leg. Oh, all right. There are homeless people living under here too.  


"You might want be on the lookout down there. I've seen quite a few snakes."  ->   

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