Friday, February 17, 2012

Net Bounty

The wonder curse wonder! curse WONDER  of the net is all the fabulous stuff that's floating around. Between StumbleUpon, my friends, blogs I follow and my memory, I came across some great stuff this week. 

Here's a woman whose home is a sanctuary for cats. And dogs. But mostly cats. Like, over 500 of them: 

Here's a fantastic site called Humans of New York. Behind the lens is just a guy in his twenties who lost his job, after which he  decided to move to Manhattan with his camera and start taking pictures of strangers. It's amazing. I shall live vicariously through this young man because I don't think I've ever taken that big of a risk in my life. Best of all? His friend flashed Bill Clinton and he got a picture of it. 

The whole project reminds me of another site I found years back called Hel Looks, which is a photo essay/documentary of people in Helsinki (a destination that's on my bucket list, by the way). It's gorgeous, as are the people there.  

I would love to do something like this for Norman and Oklahoma City except a) it's obviously been done and b) the overriding  "fashion"  here is jeans and t-shirts. Which would got old pretty quick.  

Along the same lines of destination websites, check out this one. It's dedicated to people going to famous destinations in the world...and then mooning the camera. Not sure if I can get behind this one.  

Check out this video. It's only 10 minutes and features yet another courageous young person. The future is bright with people like this in the world: 

Song of the week. I don't know the name of it, it's not posted in the comment section of the Youtube video, and Shazam can't identify it. But it's cool:

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