Friday, January 13, 2012

Satin Flight

I've been shopping for flatware ALL WEEK.  

It's exhausting!  

(epic sigh)

There are so many choices out there when you google "18/10 stainless steel flatware" (yes, google is a verb. Don't try and tell me it's not, it is) that it's completely overwhelming. Even when you try to limit yourself to one brand, say Onieda, the choices are ridiculous. And the names companies choose for product lines give you absolute no indication as to what the product actually looks like.  

You know what I'm saying. 

Sand Dune
Satin Flight

When I see "Amsterdam" on a website, for instance, I immediately think of pot being legally sold on the street. Therefore the utensils should have marijuana leaves on them. 
I don't think that's a huge leap at all. 

But they don't.   

"Joann" is just one letter away from "Joan" which leads me to Joan Crawford, which leads me to Mommy Dearest, which leads me to coat hangers.  

Suffice it to say the "Joann" line doesn't include a fork with a molded coat-hanger opposite the tines. 

I just want a nice, heavy knife for spreading my butter.  Is that too much to ask?   

When I encounter such "problems" in my life, I always think about a book that I keep telling myself I'm going to read and have yet to make the time to do so. 

You've heard of the paradox of choice, right? 

Here, take 20 minutes: 

If you didn't take the time to watch, I'll sum up concept with his one brilliant observation: "The key to happiness is lowering your expectations."  

Not that this helps me with my Gourmet Settings Avalon flatware vs. Oneida Act I flatware vs. Crate & Barrel Tuscany flatware vs. a much better style of flatware I've yet to discover, but it's a nice concept to keep in mind. 

Oh, wait!  I think what he's saying is I just need to go to a thrift store to get my flatware. Or perhaps a garage sale. Target, maybe. But at that point I'm clearly raising my expectations because if I go to Target to shop for flatware, I'll actually expect all the pieces to match.  

On a completely different note, I bought a shirt two weeks ago, have only worn it once, and now I can't find it.   

Song of the week(which, by the way, I had a really hard time choosing. And I'm still not sure I went with the right one):


Baysage said...

Google is a verb recognized by the highest lexicographal authorities. Everybody knows that. :-)

Tanya said...

Yay! Validated by Merriam-Webster!