Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Betsy's Trinket

I saw The Boy going to his car with a pair of scissors last week and wondered what on earth that was all about.  

He was in and out in a matter of moments and so I had to ask: 

Me: What were you doing in there? 

The Boy: Oh! I was taking something off my car ornament.  

Me: Your car ornament?  

The Boy: Yeah. You haven't seen it yet?  

Of course he's going to get a car ornament for the vehicle. I drove the car for years and never gave it a name.  The Boy gets use of it and within a week she was christened "Betsy" and now she's wearing jewelry.  

As I was walking around to the front of the vehicle to take a gander, I wondered what on earth could have passed muster enough to bedeck Betsy.  



Green Latern? 

Darth Vader? 


Not for my kid.  He's more likely to choose a Sheldon Cooper bobble head.  Or some obscure Skyrim character. A Marine action figure.  Obama.

Or I could see him going for the complete cheese factor and buying fuzzy dice. Or the Hawaiian hula wiggle girl.  

A blow up doll?

Surely not.  

Oh God help me! It IS.  He bought a BLOW UP DOLL for his car. OMG, I'm horrified....

Then I got to the front of the car: 

And I take a closer look: 

That's right, folks.  

Twilight Sparkle.  

I just look at him...

The Boy: WHAT?  

And I reach for my phone...

The Boy: Oh God, you're taking pictures? This is going on the blog, isn't it?  

Me: Ya think?  -> 


Carolyn said...

Either his girlfriend gave it to him or there is some weird teenage significance to twilight sparkle these days. :-)

Deirdre said...

I'm with Carolyn - quick google Twilight Sparkle!

Deirdre said...

Tanya said...

Ladies, I'm afraid I might have a budding Hispter-wanna-be on my hands.
Wish me luck.

Kathryn said...

Those ponies are cool with a lot of people. He's a my little brony guy now.

Anonymous said...

He doing the Schott thing - naming your car and hanging a decoration. Mom