Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Randmoness. No Snark.

1. I found a blog a few months back and I just love it.  It's called Do Something Cool.  I suppose it's really nothing more than a self-help advice wrapped up in new technology and presented by a man instead of a woman. But somehow the articles have a different feel to them. This isn't a blog about how to quit drinking or ditch that man who treats you wrong or how your communication skills with your spouse are all wrong. 

Nope. He encourages you to jump in an area of the ocean swarming with sharks. He encourages you to travel, surround yourself with interesting people, do something new, get out of your comfort zone. He tells you to read books and stop watching TV and get off the computer. Ask questions. Seek answers. It's...well, cool.  

2. Speaking of cool, The Boy is planning a trip to NYC with his friends for next summer. He was bemoaning the costs, but seeing as he's 19, hostels and the bus are completely doable.  He's really committed to saving his money and going; I sincerely hope he makes it happen. I never had that kind of gumption when I was his age. 

3. My family, however, is going to go hang out in New Mexico--primarily Santa Fe. We leave in two weeks! I can't believe the time to go is finally here.  I've never been and I'm really looking forward to seeing the town and the area around it. I'm envisioning gorgeous photo opportunities for myself and lots of fun stuff to see and do for the family.  

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