Friday, March 30, 2012

Eat ALL the Chocolate! (+ Roosters)

I do believe it's not unreasonable to devote an entire to entry to fact that eating chocolate might make you thinner.  

You read that correctly.  

I'm not lying!  

So, in honor of this happy fact, I'm linking back to my recipe for The Best Cookie on the Planet. Which you will want to make TODAY and share with all your friends put in Easter baskets next week and have for breakfast lunch and dinner since eating chocolate three times a day is the new Weight Watchers.  

Go forth and consume Ghiradellis. Specifically the dark chcolate squares embellished with sea salt and almonds.   


I totally lied.  

I'm not devoting the entire blog entry to chocolate, because it's important to address my encounter with a rooster the other day: 

He yelled at me. I've decided roosters, as a lot, are bastards.
He lives at a local greenhouse with about 20 buddies.

A rooster frat house, if you will.  

And I'm going back because how can one possibly turn down the opportunity to take pictures of roosters? 

There's one in particular that I MUST capture on pixels because...well...I'll leave you hanging for now.  Just trust me when I tell you it's essential.  

And THIS, my friends, is why The Bloggess should pose with a taxidermied stoat for my blog.* 

Because I found a boyfriend for Beyonce and I'll prove it as soon as I get his picture. 

UPDATED 15 minutes later: OMG. So relevant

Song of the week**: 

*You see what I did there?
**I'm TOTALLY making this song my blog's theme song. I can do it even if I don't have a metal rooster in my yard.  


Deirdre Newcomb said...

So - silly question - do you know where @thebloggess can even FIND a taxidermied stoat? I mean - are you making reasonable requests?

Certainly seems like it'd be worth it for the wonderful opportunity of seeing you with twine ... but really ... make it a bit easier on the woman!

That said - I can't wait to see Beyonce's boyfriend!! :)

Happy Friday

Vivian said...

Oh boy I don't have any chocolate in the house this means I don't have supper.

Tanya said...

Deirdre: it's a fair point. I do believe stoats are related to weasels and we KNOW she has one of those lying around. I'm willing to take a substitute.

Vivian: Get thy self to the store! I won't have anyone going hungry here. That you have no chocolate at all shall be left for another day.

Gia said...

A boyfriend for Beyonce? He's named Jay Z, right??

Deirdre Newcomb said...

Still waiting for this lovely .... ummm ... yeah rooster photo.
Edit brain edit!

Tanya said...

It's coming! Patience.