Saturday, March 5, 2011


Say me: I went to a rodeo tonight. 

Say you: Come again? 

Say me: I know, right?  

The pic above depicts a price tag on a saddle that was displayed and obviously for sale: 

For the full write-up, because you know I can't go to a rodeo without one, you can go here.  -> 


tHG said...

Besides being outrageously priced for a "full-gator print", just what in the hell is it? Boots? Or something even less practical?

Carolyn (from Western C*n*d*) said...

What about the bull riding? You can't really be a rodeo without bull riding. And the mutton busting (for the little ones). And for real excitement try chuckwagon racing (aka Half mile of hell). And were there any cowboys from Alberta? And why was your sweetie not wearing a cowboy hat? There are rules you know!

Tanya said...

There was no bull riding. This was considered a classic competition filled only with events that would happen when actually herding cattle. So I was I told.