Monday, April 18, 2011

Gadget, Book And Music. Oh My.

Spring cleaning lead me to finding my very first iPod lurking in the depths of one of Little Missy's Stuff Containers in her room this past weekend.  

Amazing, isn't it, how quickly Yesterday's Hottest Item becomes today's cast-offs?  

I loved my iPod mini (version 1.4.1, 4 G).  I named him iBob and we went everywhere together.  I even bought (yes, bought, not borrowed) a book about how wonderful said iPod was.  I was devastated when I went out of town once and convinced myself I left it in the hotel.  My husband, dear that he is, replaced it with a nano, but I found iBob the next day (it was in the suitcase.  Yes, I checked it.  Like, a dozen times) and returned the newer! flashier! model, which astounded the sales clerk.  

And then came iPhone.  

Just like that, my beloved mini was rendered obsolete and unceremoniously handed down to the progeny.  Who obviously forgot about it too.  

Poor thing.  

I charged it up yesterday.  It doesn't hold a charge for long now, and the click wheel is a bit persnickety, but it still works fine. I even have 1.3 gig of space left on it.  

Interesting, to go back through and check out music that was in high rotation four years ago.  And bonus! An album on the pod that's not in iTunes for some inexplicable reason.  Now if I can just transfer it....

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