Wednesday, May 11, 2011

File Under: Hell No

The Geek brought these home from the office the other day.  Some dude is visiting from the China office or visited the China office, or honeymooned in China, or something, and brought a bunch of weird stuff back with him.

Nestle, not an American company, sells KitKit in China.  Who knew?  Here's the rub:  Those up there?  



Not kidding.  

WASABI KitKat!!  Which, I have to say, sucks. I'll prove it to you.  I have the other one in my fridge, which I will gladly send your way and you can taste for yourself.  

Six kinds of awful, those are.   

There is all kinds of goodness that we Americans are missing out on when in comes to the world of KitKat.  We get exactly three varieties here: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.  (For the record, dark chocolate is the only that matters.)  The white chocolate ones are only around at Halloween when the snack-sized flavors are stuffed in a variety bag.  And the dark chocolate ones are only sporadically on the market--it's like finding an easter egg when I happen to see them on store shelves.  So really, here in Oklahoma we get one flavor year round: original.  

The Europeans, however, in addition to milk, dark and white varieties, get these wonderful things called "Chunky Caramel" (Hello?  Want.)  and bags of cute little bite-sized pieces.  I've never seen either here.  Australia has Cookies and Cream in their "Chunky" selection, and our friends up north get toffee among their chunky offerings. 

Head further east though,  like to Japan for instance, where the taste-testers and marketers clearly use hallucinogens at work on a daily basis, and wasabi KitKat seems down-right provencial.  Japan has the nerve to offer such flavors as Watermelon and Salt, Sweet Roasted Corn, Soy, Apple Vinegar, Pumpkin, and Red Beak Soup. 

Say you: You're kidding, right? 

Say me: Seriously?  You think I can pull "Red Beak Soup" out of my fanny?  

Go here and see for yourself.  

Now for the hard part of this entry:  

*Big. Cleansing. Breath*   .....   *EXHALE*  

In the interest of full disclosure (read: guilt) I didn't take this picture today.  Truth be known, I completely forgot (how is totally beyond me) and this picture is actually one from yesterday that I rejected.  I was devastated when I realized this, because I was doing so well. So my project is tainted to say the least,  but I'm soldiering on.  Although part of me feels like a failure and wants to start from scratch.  

Don't worry.  I'm not.  I don't think. 

But I still feel like a failure.  -> 

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