Sunday, June 26, 2011


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Say you: That picture looks vaguely familiar.
Say me: Guilty.
Say you: You really like that quilt.
Say me: It is 19 kinds of awesome. Sixteen square feet of tacky, 70's polyester goodness bought at an estate sale. Perfect for nights at the park. Take a gander:

And that's just part of the blanket. Seriously. How can you possibly not love that? ->

-Posted using (enter requisite phrase which brags about your cool gadgets and applications for said gadget here. And let me just say said gadget highly irritates me because once you post an entry to one blog--say, your family blog instead of your other blog, then there's no posting again. Even though you've told it to post to the other blog FOUR TIMES, it gives you a "server" error. Thus you're forced to re-type the entry which is a PITA, because there is simply no way to easily cut and paste using this application. Oh, I did. Cut-n-paste, I mean. But you have to save the original entry, and then start the new entry and then save the new entry and open up the original entry again....Like I said: PITA.

Say you: You digress
Say me: I did. Sue me. )

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