Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I saw these kinds of pictures quite a bit when I first arrived in Athens. They certainly appear to be acrylic on canvas and done by a local artist, which I thought was a rather lucrative setup for said artist. Nice, pretty little painted scenes of local attractions. The first shop I saw them had a few and I thought they were pretty nifty. Plus they were quite inexpensive for original art.

Then I noticed them in several shops in Athens. Then in Mykonos. And finally on Santorini. Each shop had a ton of them. I imagine they're on every island that attracts tourists. Which leads me to wonder if it's not one artist but several working in sweatshop conditions to produce the amount of work we saw in just a few days in four different cities at countless shops. Or maybe it is just one artist with OCD. Who doesn't sleep. Ever. ->

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