Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"What" you ask "is that?" Allow me to enlighten you.

This is what's called a "slap bracelet" which is all the rage right now for the target market age group of five to eleven-year-old girls. I guess they're kinda cool. It's easier for a visual than for me to try and explain them so I think you'll find this Youtube video quite educational.

At any rate, the animal on top of said bracelet has been dubbed The Loch Ness Monster. This gem was a treat from the dentist's office. And while I appreciate them not handing out Smarties like they doctor's office does, I can't say I appreciate more worthless junk crossing my threshold and destined to be hanging with the dust bunnies under the bed inside of a week.

Little Missy named her "Lockey".

Maybe with that personal touch, it will be ten days before she's residing with the dust bunnies. ->

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Nectarine said...

Snap bracelets were also cool when I was in that age category (about 20 years ago) but I don't remember them having Beanie Babies stuck on top of them. Those came later. (but I was 12 and soooo not into them...my little sisters were all over it)

Tanya said...

I do believe the beanie babies are an evolutionary addition. Can't say they're an improvement, but what do I know?