Friday, July 1, 2011


I know I've essentially done this picture before.  But the fact of the matter is I love the paint displays at any store.  

Say you: Seriously? 
Say me: Truly! 

There is always such possibility when you walk by them.  "Oh!" you think to yourself "I can paint the dining room that lovely red!  That will look divine!"  

Painting is cheap! It's relatively easy!  It can instantly change the feel of the room! So says all the home decorating sites anyway. 

All it takes is some elbow grease.  The taping off. The tarps on the floor.  The constant cleaning of the drips where the paint isn't supposed to go.  The inevitable big spill that will set you back at least three-quarters of an hour.  The occasional Really Bad Color Choice that requires priming and then re-painting, thereby setting you back an entire weekend*.  The sore shoulders from the unnatural reaching. The cleaning of the brushes that takes 16 separate washings to get them ready for the next use....


Herein lies the disconnect between the stores' promise and reality. 

Reality never seems to sink in when you need it.  It only sinks in after you impulsively bought that gallon of Fireside and started taping off.  At which point you're married to the project.  And then the cursing begins.-> 

*Mattek kitchen, circa 2001.  

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