Sunday, August 7, 2011


If this photo looks familiar, it is.  I took essentially the same picture on the third day of the project on August 22, 2010.  It was a Sunday.  

And so, on a Sunday almost a year later thus coming full circle, I returned to the same store and recorded the same subject matter. Note the price of the items increased by 11% in less than a year.  This is what prompted me to take the picture.  But there's more to the story, because the day before I took this picture I lost my uber phone.  I got it in October of last year, a full two months in to the project. Therefore I was forced to take a step back in time and start using my old iPhone (a first generation, I'll have you know) again. So not only did I take the picture using the same subject matter, I'm using the same equipment.  

The end of the project then, which is rapidly approaching (!), will be as it started: Hipstamatic application on a first generation iPhone.  

By the way, I'm SO upgrading.  I'm just holding out for the 5, which doesn't hit the market for a few weeks. -> 

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