Friday, September 2, 2011

Of Interest, Week of August 29, 2011

Bit of a new format for the blog I'm going to try for the next 12 months.  Let's see how it goes.  I'll start with the picture on Monday, some kind of life rant on Wednesday, and a roundup of interesting web fodder, news, world events, etc on Friday.  Fridays will also be music day.  Because what's a weekend without music?  

So without further ado:  

 A European cow went on the lamb right before getting escorted to the slaughterhouse and was eventually granted amnesty.  Go Yvonne!  (Update: She was caught. )

A fellow social worker in Columbus pointed out recently that social work is in the top three for career and depression.  What, we're no longer number one?  Obviously we need to step up our game this coming year.   

A cool website my dad told me about.  Start clicking.   And while I'm at it, happy birthday Pops!  He's 68 years old today and fortunately in great health.  Hopefully he has many more ahead of him. 

An entire book about bananas.  Seriously.  I really want to read it after hearing this interview.  

I want to try these.  The heading says they're guilt free so the must be.  

Check out Oklahoma artist Penny Hill: 


Darci said...

I love that cow. My kids used to watch Boobah. Did Libby not? They're like a weirder Teletubbies with lots of farting sounds.

Tanya said...

How I missed out on Boobah is completely beyond me. I'm crushed.