Monday, December 5, 2011

Ooting Times

Wal-Mart, Norman Oklahoma

Here's what I believe to be a complete list of the weapon-related magazines I saw at Darth-Mart today:  

American Handgunner
AR Rifleman
Black Guns
Book of the AR-15
Combat Arms
Combat Handguns
Combat Tactics
Custom Combat Handguns
Guns (Buyer's guide)
Gun Digest
Gun Guide 2012
Gun Magazine
Guns & Weapons
Guns of the West
Rifle Shooter
Shooting Times
Special Weapons
Surplus Firearms
Tactical Weapons

If you're not counting, that's 20.  Which is one more than the number of bibles they have on hand, so you know, guns trump God. 

It is also 18 more than the number of dictionaries they carry, so guns definitely trump words. Although to be fair, the two they have now is two more then they had a mere 11 months ago. I'd like to think I had a hand in that, cuz my blog is that influential. Look! I even snapped a picture to prove it: 

Thanks to everyone who has sent me suggestions about things I can talk about here.  

Behold, my reader suggestion pick of the week: For the cop who has everything, pepper spray guns.  -> 


Carolyn said...

Was it you that said "the pen is mightier than the sword"? :)

Tanya said...

The blogger with the ergonomically correct keyboard is not a power to be reckoned with.