Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Refuse to Refer To a Chicken In This Title

The kids and I were out for a drive tonight after dinner. It's only 10 minutes or so before we're in farm land here--no joke--and we had some amazing skies today.  

I wanted them to see it and appreciate the beauty this world has to offer (read: I wanted a picture and since we went out to dinner, and we drove to the restaurant in separate cars, and both of them rode home with me, they had no choice.)  

On the way out of town, we hit a bit of a stumbling block that literally stopped us dead in our tracks. 

Well, two of them actually: 

You see them? 

Here, let me give you a closer look: 


One boy, one girl. 

Probably out for a post-coital stroll. 

In the middle of the road.  

It gets better.  

Because the closer I got to them with the car, the slower they seemed to be moving. At one point they just stopped and stared at me. 

Taunting me, those ducks were.  

DARING me to run them over.  

So I got out the car to chase them to the side of the road so I could, you know, drive and continue my excursion, and you know what they did?  

They ran waddled the wrong way!  

By that I mean they started going up the road like they possessed four wheels and a stereo. Like they could seriously outrun me.*  


I chased them for tens of feet before they decided to go ahead and get in the ditch so I could pass by.  

In the interim, I had to wave two different cars along. Because it's important when ducks are ambling about asphalt right outside the city limits to 1) stop your car in the middle of the road, 2) exit your vehicle in order to get closer to them so you can obtain photographic evidence of your little tale and 3) allow your children to frolic in the middle of the road as well** thus exposing them to 3,000 pound vehicles moving at highway speeds the beauty this world has to offer.  

But you know what? 

I got pictures of the ducks. 


I'll just end it right here. 

Let the fowl puns commence. I'm sure they'll quack me up. -> 

*Which, OK, they did. But whatever. 
**It's a family affair, my blog. 


StuD said...

Any thought to WHY the ducks crossed the road?

Super Earthling said...

To get to the other side so they could duck and cover because birds of a feather flock together?