Friday, September 28, 2012


It is without question the tackiest thing in the world to take your camera to a memorial service.  

That being said, I took my camera to a memorial service last week.  

I didn't bring it out during the service--God, give me some credit. Afterwards at the reception though, I spotted this man from across the room talking with my friend. Not doubt he was offering his sincerest sympathies to her as she just lost her father, an inevitable loss I've yet to face and one I hope I don't have to encounter for some time. At any rate, I couldn't help but notice his dark and mysterious good looks coupled with a long, lush ponytail earrings and matching necklace.

He's sorta dashing, amiright? 
He just happened to be talking to her when I approached her to bid my farewells. She told me he's an artist and described his process. Check this out: He puts a pen to paper and says "what do you want me to draw?"  And you say something like "a shoe." Then, without ever letting the pen leave the paper and with one continuous line he produces art!

My friend has one of his pieces displayed in her living room. It's gorgeous and I know it well. I said in jest* I would get him a napkin so he could draw me something too. 

To his grand credit he was willing to produce and actually tried, but it didn't work--there was too much texture on said napkin. Then he said "OK, now I'm on a mission. Let's find some paper." In short order, after some quick thinking, I was able to produce a canvas so he could work his magic:     

This may or may not be drawn on the back of the memorial pamphlet. 

I really didn't have any intention of taking his picture until he drew this. As I was setting up to shoot him in action (I got too engrossed watching the picture appear and missed my opportunity) he said, pointing, "the light is better from over there."  

I die. 

There's more! Not only is he talented and knows about photography, he's also a consultant to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for Native American issues.

And a DJ on The Spy.

And charming. 

Did I mention the matching earrings and necklace? -> 

PS: RIP Edward Hardy Summers, OK Supreme Court Justice. This blog entry vetted and approved by my dear friend Julia. I'm so sorry for your loss. 


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