Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Riley

I ran into him on Sunday--he was headed home from a classic car show. He sorta caught my attention seeing as the steering wheel is ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CAR.  

I wanted so bad to ask what the thing was worth, but I'm not rude. So I googled it.  It's worth a LOT.  
Put me behind the wheel of that thing, and I would instantly turn into dyslexic driver and be running into fire hydrants within 2 miles. 

He's had this car, a Riley, (BMW now owns the brand) for 40 years and it is pristine condition.  I think because he's only driven it 1 mile a year as evidenced by his odometer:  

What he was most proud of, however, was the way the engine sounds. 

"I wish you could get a picture of the sound". 

"Oh, I can take care of that."  

I cornered him for 15 minutes. There were even costume changes, as I got him wearing three different hats.  

It's really too bad I'm so shy.  -> 


Carolyn said...

I can't comment. The drool has shorted out my keyboard!

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Very good.

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