Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They're Open Right Now

Almost ten-thirty on the eve of Thanksgiving and the place is lit up light a Christmas Tree.  I'm working fact when I took this picture I was on the road from one hospital to another.  A doctor I spoke with was working 72 hours this week including all-nighters on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Several nurses and techs were stuck working too.   

Other places I saw open in the late and then wee hours:  

Wal Greens
Chick Fila 
Burger King
Wal Mart 

Some people don't get the holiday--or much of one, anyway. But does this really surprise you?  Hospitals obviously can't shut down.  But Wal Fart sure as hell can. And so can all those other places I listed.  -> 


Carolyn said...

And people are stopping off there for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Tanya said...

Perhaps. There were certainly people in the drive-thru.

tuesday@11 said...

Hey, the doctors and nurses etc. gotta be able to stop somewhere on their way to work.