Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've recently discovered this place, which is a farm store that is mostly in Oklahoma, but peppers a few other states too.  And God knows I'm such a farm girl, living in the middle of town where I'm equi-distance from two grocery stores (.7 miles, to be exact), require electronics to awaken me each morning as opposed to a rooster,  and the only critters on my land meow and bark, meaning that I'm responsible for feeding them and not the other way around.  

Still, this place is a gold mine for fodder of all sorts.  

Exhibit A: 

I was meandering in the shoe cowboy boot section and overheard a woman strike out on a pair of boots she was eyeing.  "Well, crabapples!",  she exclaimed in frustration.

Who can resist such literary utterances?  -> 

PS: I've owned exactly two pair of cowboy boots in my life. The first pair I got for Christmas when I was 13.  I remember they cost $80 at the time, about $189 in today's dollars.  The second pair was when I was about 22 and it was the look at the time.  

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susan said...

Was this store Atwoods?