Thursday, February 3, 2011


So.  Day Three of Weather House Arrest.  Stir Crazy has officially set in and an outing, any kind of outing, was a must.  We went the library and then out for a high-class dinner at the Golden Corral.  

For those of you wondering, Oklahoma can't handle its snow.  We get one good storm a year and the hangover lasts for days, crippling the metro and stranding its citizens.  The storm blew in late Monday night and it snowed until Tuesday afternoon.  The temperatures haven't been above freezing since, and because we don't have the equipment, manpower, or money on hand, all but the most major streets are left unplowed.  Meaning all the junk that's driven on during the day re-freezes at night, which makes for excellent commutes in the morning, what with the people who are too scared to drive over 10 miles per hour coupled with the idiots who think they can still drive normally. Thankfully the interstates are passable, but you have to get to them first. Plus the interstate is hardly helpful for those rural folks who just need to get to the grocery store.  I have a friend who hasn't been able to get off her street since the storm.  

The schools are closed again tomorrow. The decision to close the schools is based on whether the school buses can make it to ALL destinations.  Since rural routes are never plowed, and therefore school buses can't safely make it out in the boonies, the entire system gets shut down essentially until it gets warm enough to melt.  Sometimes it's literally the next day, which is what happened in January.  This time?  Well....there's more snow in the forecast.  The kids will be going to school until August. 

Say you: Couldn't people just take the bus or the train to school, work, where ever? 

Say me: This is OKLAHOMA, where Car (Truck, really) is King.  Mass transit?  You're cute.  ->

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