Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Great Whiteout of 2011.

Whatever you want to call it, we're still in it.  Day two of being stuck in the house--I literally have not left my abode in almost 48 hours. 

All the animals here, the ones with two and four legs, are going stir crazy.  I've managed to watch the entire LOTR trilogy--extended versions one and all.  I've also managed to get halfway through a book that's not so great.  I've cleaned the kitchen several times and done laundry. And well....that's about it.   (I did manage to get a workout in today, though. By myself, to be sure, so it was boring. But it got done.) 

No school again for the kids tomorrow, and since the temperatures won't get above freezing then either, I highly doubt they'll go on Friday either.  

I wish I had know this was coming.  I would have planned a vacation.  

In the meantime, here I sit.  Tethered to my phone for The Man until 8 in the morning and twiddling my opposable thumbs.  

It's a glorious life I lead.  -> 


Still Dreaming said...

wait, they close school because it's below freezing? If they closed school here because of that we wouldn't have school from October-April... Our schools never close for cold, although the school buses stop running when the windchill gets below minus forty five celcius. They only close when the city buses stop running... I remember that happening twice in my entire life. I know snow is different when you get souther though...

Carolyn (from Western C*n*d*) said...

We had eight inches of snow on Saturday. Nothing closed down. Enjoy your snow day 'cuz H*ll is going to have to freeze over before we get one :(