Friday, February 4, 2011


Day four of no school, snow on the ground, below freezing temperatures, iced over streets and a family of four slowly going mad. 

Bonus! It snowed ALL day.  

Here are some things I've learned: 

1. It is important to buy provisions. As the picture above will indicate, I didn't buy enough on Monday and was thus forced to stock up today.  
2. This is totally true.
3. When you go to get a pedicure, it's best to wait until there's not three feet of snow on the ground. Because those little flip-flop thingys they give you to protect your newly painted tootsies will not keep your feet warm.  Or dry.  
4. Snow, when it encounters temperatures above freezing, melts.  And then, despite strategically placed towels at all points of exit and entry in your house, you end up with puddles of (really cold) water every. Where. 
5. Inquisitive teenagers with an insatiable appetite for knowledge are likely to pilfer your non-fiction library books. 
6. It is possible to work out at home.  What one needs to keep in mind, however, is that the walls in your living room are closer together than say, the walls in the aerobic room at the YMCA. 
7. And that living room throw rug can literally trip you up when working out, so take heed. 
8. There were a lot of dust bunnies living under said throw rug. 
9. I'm not sure I even like that throw rug.  ->

But I love this song.  Go ahead.  Mock me.  I could not care less. 


mikelynn said...

There is a solution for at least the part of the pedi problem.

They aren't the warmest socks in the world, but better than nothing. Of course for dry feet you're on your own.

Tanya said...

Oh, how fun! Those remind of the the 70's toe socks...each toe a different color. Perhaps some heeled flip flop paired with them? There's a look.

Baysage said...

I like the song.