Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I just started reading this book.  Ten minutes in and I'm already feeling guilty about my consumption habits.  

Not that I haven't heard all the stats before, but reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch once again causes me to cringe and pat myself on the back for my regular use of reusable bags (even if I leave the lights on with alarming regularity).  

The authors, in the first chapter, made the off-hand comment that we all have bought stuff that we don't need or haven't used much, if at all--stuff that fills our bigger homes, closets and storage sheds.  So on a whim, I put the book down, went to my own closet (a closet that I just seriously thinned out a year ago) and looked for items that fit this description.  

Within 30 seconds I found two pair of shoes and three books.  I've not read any of the books yet, and I've had them all for over a year.  The black shoes I wore once.  I thought they were so cute but the open-toe design cut into my digits and therefore makes them a 90-minute-shoe.  The blue shoes? I have no rational explanation for why I've only worn those three times.  I just don't think about them when I'm getting dressed for work.  But I sure had to have them when I saw them in the store. 

I bought  all of these items on discount, so I was able to rationalize them quite easily at the time of purchase. But the fact of the matter is they're all just taking up space.  

How about you?  How much practically new stuff would you find in your closet?  -> 


tHG said...

I feel an attack of that Kelly shoes song coming on...must resist!

Although the one resting on "A Civil Action" looks mighty domineering - perhaps it's the open toe, or harness like straps as combined with an ominous tapering of the heel!

Old blue looks mighty tame by comparison. :)

Tanya said...

Those black shoes do like they should be accompanied by a whip, don't they?

Baysage said...

Consumption . . . it's a fatal disease and we're all dying of it. Literally in many ways. I have books on my shelves that I haven't read and probably--definitely, in the case of some--never read. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. It's the bane of our existence.