Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I cannot tell a lie. I am an utter sucker for most Bath and Body Works products. (Plus in June everything goes on sale! Whee!) This shower cream stuff is completely frivolous but it's so, you know, creamy! And Sudsy! I realize I can get shaving cream for a buck at the Dollar General store for essentially the same experience. But then I would smell like a man. And not pomegranate. And what woman doesn't want to smell like pomegranate when she gets out of the tub? ->

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Just A Passerby said...

Not just a pomegranate, but a midnight pomegranate!!

(As opposed to those smelly 7:00am & noonday pomegranates.)

Tanya said...

The noonday pomegranates are an olfactory tragedy.