Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun

My heart broke just a little bit when I read this.  Then I found out it was fiction and frankly?  I want slap the little shit for pulling me so completely in to his tale.  Well played, Kid.  

Gold.  Too bad her last entry was over a year ago.  

All music all the time.  Nice.  

Me Pop.  

My cat started huffing and wheezing and making horrible sounds this morning, which only means one thing: an epic vomit is eminent.  I yelled "No!" and he took one look at me and had the nerve to run away.  I literally chased him down the hall and grabbed His Furriness (well, he does have that bald spot on his tail right now) mid-heave and unceremoniously tossed him outside.  I woke up The Boy in the process, but I consider this an acceptable loss.  Because now I don't have clean up cat vomit.  

The New Look: I was forced into this new appearance by default.  I tried on one of Blogger's New! Dynamic! Viewing! templates, and decided for a lot of reasons not to pull the trigger (the first comment on the link pretty much sums it up, though).  When I told Blogger to go back to my old layout, however,  it got rid of ALL my special instructions and I essentially had to start the design process from scratch.  The resulting teeny-need-bifocals-to-read print is Blogger, not me.  When I returned to my old design, my Blogger editor now considers this size "normal". What's more, that print is on EVERY entry I've written since last year.  And sorry, but I'm not going back and changing the font size on 400+ entries.  I'm anal, yes, but I'm not that anal. This current print seems a bit too large, but I don't have middle ground as it's the next size up.  I suppose I could not do the letters in bold print? 

R.E.M. calling it quits.  Bastards.  I do believe I'm at the anger phase of grieving at this point.  None-the-less, I shall offer you one from a favorite album:  


The Kid In The Front Row said...

It's fiction but also not fiction -- I fall hard and fast for pretty foreign girls and end up with nothing at all very very often.. so the spirit of it is real, and it could so easily have been real.

Tanya said...

Oh, all right. I take calling you a "little shit" back. Thanks for coming over and taking a peek.

Baysage said...

=Any= new look beats that horror you had before. Not that I had any feelings about it at all.