Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Interest Week of September 18, 2011

This woman is a social worker. 

A social worker on TED talks.  

(I need to take a moment here...I'm so proud...sniff)

I want to be her.  The fact that I hate research is entirely irrelevant.  And the fact that she's all annoyingly touchy-feely and self-helpy....

Say You: "self-helpy"?  
Say Me: NOT in the middle of Ode to My New Girl Crush.  Please!  

Anyway her kind of uplifting, gooey, you're-worthy-of-love messages are something I normally spurn and snub, but I will not spit upon Brene Brown.  

Maybe it's just because her name has an acute accent and I have acute accent envy.  Which she would say is preventing me from finding love.  

Take 20 minutes: 

R.I.P  R.E.M:

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