Monday, September 26, 2011


Smith & Wesson .45 Caliber, model 4566

Taken: Raleigh, NC  

Thanks again to another cop, who I'm discovering are quite hesitant to have themselves revealed.  He lives next door to a friend of mine and was gracious enough to bring out his work-issued hardware when his wife, my friend and I stormed his house kinda late on Saturday night.  I don't think this one is even fully assembled.  He described it as "a very pretty gun".  He took the time to write all the info down for me, and I had plans to scan it and put it here.  Naturally the scanner died last night. But I'm saving the info sheet none-the-less and hope to upload later. 

My favorite moment came when he brought out some shot-gun looking thingy called a....(hold up, let me consult my cheat-sheet)...

....a Remington 860 12 gauge shotgun Federal Premium Tactical and I asked: 

Me: is that for hunting? 
Him (tongue-in-cheek): Oh, no.  These are all made for mutilating people.  

On another note, until my photography class starts and until I'm able to upgrade my phone or use my new-found knowledge for posed or semi-posed shots, I'm going to have to take pictures outside. Inside pictures on the original iPhone are just not great.  I took several interesting pics this past weekend and none of them came out.  This one is essentially the same picture I posted a few weeks ago. Disappointing and uninteresting, but it was the best I had.  -> 


Teresa said...

Oh, I think it's MUCH prettier than the glock. Not the same picture at all.

Tanya said...

Ah, thanks Ms. Teresa! Can't wait to have upgraded equipment.