Friday, September 9, 2011

Of Interest, Week of September 3, 2011

This NPR story aired Sunday, September 4 (11 minutes.)  It touches the trend that I'm sure many of us in the mental health and law enforcement fields have noticed for decades: more and more mentally ill people are finding themselves in jail for various and sundry reasons.  The photographer featured in the story went all around the nation documenting old mental health asylums.  We have one of those "castle" like buildings here in our town.  I wonder if he came here?   

I got sucked into watching this entire film on urban spaces.  It was utterly enthralling.  I thought it was filmed in the late 60's or early 70's--the color, music, and narrator lead me to believe so anyway.  But then Darth Vader made a cameo appearance, so obviously it was later than that.  I guess he's not considered an "undesirable" the narrator referred to a few times. 

Another time-consuming listen, but I loved this Freakonomics podcast.  Every parent should listen to it.  

Obama gave his Public Works Act, Phase Two! speech last night.  Save our schools!  Fix our bridges! Reform Medicare! Raise Taxes on the rich!  Close those corporate tax loopholes!   All sounds great in theory, Mr. Obama.  But I doubt any of it will pass.  Because you're a socialist who's killing our American way of life.  

Blogger has a new interface.  It still trips me out. 

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