Monday, October 10, 2011

Call of Graters

My very first photo shoot was yesterday. 

It rained.  

My photography class started last week. What with all my instructor's yammering on about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, light, composition, JPG vs. raw, do-not-ever-use-the-red-eye-reduction-setting-EVER lecture, etc, and then having the nerve to throw fractions at me, I felt like my head was going to explode. I now feel more inept then I did before I walked in the room six days ago.  

He also told me to read the instruction manual for my camera.  

Cute, right?  

May I point out that when taking pictures with the Hipstamatic application, all one has to do is 1)open the application 2)shake the phone for fun randomness and 3)shoot the picture?  The real camera, however, has more gadgets than Sharper Image and my fingers get confused. Plus, after you take a picture you have to look at a screen to, you know, "evaluate" your shot. At which point one is confronted with so many readings and charts and graphs and numbers and letters that one requires an advanced engineering degree to decipher it all. 

I'm pretty well hosed. 

None-the-less, I took the bull by the horns. So no mocking my attempt to be all uber-photog-gal. At least in front of me. I'm no Annie Leibovitz even or a Chromasia, for crying out loud. I'm a BEGINNER: 
Mike Lenker, Andrews Park, Norman, OK* 
The Boy informed me this is not a sub-machine gun design but an assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher. 

I'm scandalized he's able to provide me and my blog with these kinds of details.  Thank you Call of Duty

And thank you uncle Ben, for giving Call of Duty to your godson last year for Christmas. I'm just warning you, these kinds of gifts have a way of coming home to roost. 

No matter that you are currently childless. I have a LONG memory. When you first kid is four, this little darling will find its way into junior's Christmas stocking and I am going to feel wholly vindicated (watch the full minute for a true appreciation of the magnitude of my promise. You might want to lower the volume on your computer): 

Anyway, take a closer look at his shirt: 
Isn't that cool? He got it here. But you can't buy one. Because then you'll lose your I'm-Totally-Hip-Because-I'm-Wearing-an-Obscure-T mojo. 

Go find your own.  -> 

*Not cropped in post-production


Carolyn said...

Dear God in Heaven, please do not let me annoy Tanya. She scares me with her chicken! Who's the dude with the big eyes behind the dude with the gun t-shirt

Tanya Schott Mattek said...

The Dude With The Big Eyes is a Mythical Creature that lives on our skateboard park. The city just had an event where people could come spray paint willy-nilly on that park, which yielded some pretty cool stuff. I'm going back out there when it's not raining.

Deirdre said...

After watching the scary chicken video (in its entirety as directed) other equally annoying toy demonstrations pop up as "watch next". It just gets worse and worse!

But nice photo - don't let yourself be overwhelmed!

Tanya said...

Thanks, Deirdre. I simply can't imagine there are worse toys out there than the chicken. I'm scared to look...

Baysage said...
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