Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fun!

I started a page for this blog on Facebook. As of this writing, a dozen people "like" my blog.  Look out, Heather of Dooce.  I'm SO right behind you.  

Get water stain on jeans.  Snap picture.  Become immortalized

Crows have an interesting chirp. Ok, never mind.  They really don't.  I heard a bird at the gas station yesterday and his song sounded kinda pretty.  I thought it was a crow.  But the sound clips I'm listening to aren't what I heard yesterday. Either that or my memory is quite bad.  You know what?  Scratch that.  My memory IS that bad, and I've got an upcoming rant on that very topic.  On a somewhat related note, who on earth has the nerve to keep a raven as a pet and name him Edgar?   

When you put soap and water in a big bowl, and then you put a bundt pan in the middle of that and keep filling the outer bowl with water, suds pop out the middle of the bundt pan.  It's a volcano! Look:  
I even tried it again, you know to apply the scientific method.  And guess what?  It worked again!  Who says my blog can't be educational? 

The iFive was a huge iBust.  And I can't even bitch about it because Steve Jobs died.  I wonder if now is a good time to invest in Apple?  Or perhaps Samsung, their main competitor in the smart-phone wars?

All snark aside, RIP Steve Jobs.  There's no denying the impact you had on modern-day culture.  There's no denying the fact that in the end, we all face mortality.  It's there, lurking, waiting patiently and oftentimes unkindly. Steve Jobs became ravaged by pancreatic cancer, which I'm sure was not a pleasant way to face one's humanity. Life can be ugly and mean and unfair.  But it can also be beautiful.  Mr. Jobs left behind a beautiful legacy, some beautiful products and undoubtedly a beautiful family. 

Song of the week: 

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Baysage said...

It strikes me that I would lose more than half my FB friends if I ever had the temerity to post WPS on Facebook. Dear God in heaven, there might even be paid assassins.