Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun

NEW PHONE ARRIVES TODAY.  WOOT!!! Not that I'm all that excited about it.  I'm really not.  I'm just saying.  

While rearranging items in my purse(s) a few days ago, I fished out no less than five gel pens.  Plus a package of six that I've yet to open.  I think it's fair to say I have a problem.  

Geez.  I thought The Geek was bad.  I wonder what Mr. Blogger would have to say about this particular cloud in the sky I saw this week?  Go and click for a larger view:

Me, to the Boy: What does this look like to you? The Boy: Umm...Jesus holding a baby?
You know what?  Forget it.  I can't imagine he would have a pithy, witty response for a mere collection of ice and water particles. Not when compared to his wife wielding a hammer. 

Now that I'm in a photography class, I'm going to be uploading gratuitous pictures with abandon.  Because it turns out I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing.  Lucky you!  You get to see all my failures.  


I blow up Diet Cokes. In the freezer. A lot.  

Say you: Come again? 

I like my Diet Coke WAY cold.  Teeth-hurting cold. Pop-the-top-and-there's-ice-crystals-floating-in-it cold.  Until I'm able to install one of these bad boys in my home, the freezer, and more specifically the ice bin, is as close as I can get. Sometimes I sorta forget about them. 

Yesterday's explosion was particularly note-worthy for the sheer spread of the beverage post blast.  And since my photography teacher told me to "find a scene and capture it" at the end of my last class, I figured what better scene, right?  Who doesn't want to see frozen Diet Coke on a freezer ceiling emulating stalactites*?  Worthy of Life Magazine, I say.  

I studied the inside of the freezer and determined the lighting was low.  So I thought I needed to go for a slower shutter speed to, you know, let in more light.  The instructor warned us we should probably invest in a tripod post-haste. He told us they were especially helpful when the shutter speed was at a slow setting because humans move despite our best intentions not to. Meaning those teeny, tiny movements translate to blurry, terrible pictures.  


Other humans may move, but I got this staying-still- thing down pat:  


After several tries, it turns out whatever settings I had to begin with were the correct ones after all:  

Ta-da!!  You know you're clicking your "pin it" button right this very second so you can add this to your Pinterest collection and display it for all your friends and followers.  Undoubtedly it's going on your board titled "Beautiful Things" or "Our Wondrous World".  

I can't say I blame you.  

Here, I have another one for you:  

This is Bob.  His frontal lobe is made of red skittles.  

I will thank you not to refer to my coke-exploding episode and make some crack about me having Bob's brain.  ->  

Song of the week:  

*I had to consult The Walking Encyclopedia, AKA, The Boy, for a reminder of the term.

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Baysage said...

This week's song was 10, no, make that 20, times better than last week's.