Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Flow Flub

 So I discovered flowcharts.  

Well that's not true.  

I haven't discovered them per se, so much as I've discovered them as a blogging tool.  

WHY on earth has it taken me this long to realize flowcharts are a blogger's dream for communicating?  

My first mistake, however, was making one in stupid effing MS Word. 

After trying and failing numerous times to simply cut-n-paste the damned thing (which,I'll have you know, is easier said than done once you've drafted an entire flowchart that's taken--I'm not exaggerating here--HOURS to make) and trying and failing to turn the document into a blog post from Word (it posted nothing but a blank space) and trying and failing to save the document as a web page and then work from there (it only grabbed about half the chart), I finally just scanned the damned thing thus turning it into a picture.

I KNOW how to post those here.

I'll know better than to trust the most updated version of word processing program for my blogging needs next time.  

What was I thinking? 

Behold my first flowchart!  Rest assured it will not be my last. I'm already working on one for the holidays. Believe me, one of the boxes will have the word "vodka" in it. 

Also, The Geek pointed out that technically questions in a flow chart should be in diamond-shaped boxes, but really! it's no big deal.  

Isn't he cute? 

He remains under the illusion he's getting some action this weekend.

Click on it for your viewing pleasure. 

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