Friday, February 24, 2012

Bombay Fruit

The Geek just left for a work trip to Mumbai, of which I know very little. I know the METRO population is 20.5 million people and that the city used to be called Bombay. Tomorrow it's going to be 95 degrees there and they have a huge national park in the city limits that holds leopards and tigers and bears.  And because the boundaries are so poor, sometimes the leopards get loose and like roam the city. Stalk people. Have them as a snack with afternoon tea.   

No joke.  

So want to move to Mumbai now. 

On a completely different note, has the name Mike Daisey popped up in your recent net surfing? He has a one-man show right now where he quietly, poignantly eviscerates Apple.  

Yes, that Apple.  

This American Life did an entire episode on him and I was crushed by the end of it. I know an hour is an incredibly long time to tuck away for a radio broadcast, but I promise you won't be sorry you took the time. Or maybe you will, I don't know. Word on the street is that this one man with his one story got Apple all aflutter. Well played, Mr. Daisey. 
Song of the week. This is a stop-animation video made with construction paper. People and their creativity never cease to amaze me.


Baysage said...
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Baysage said...

I listened to the TAL piece about the Apple factories in China a couple of weeks ago. Appalling. But apparently has shaken things up in the magic orchard.

Nice video. Really nice tune.