Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Maiden Voyage

I don't know if you saw Monday's pic or not, but there's a back story.  

There was a gun show this past weekend at the Fairgrounds. And even though I've gone to one before, I thought it was the only place in the metro I could go in order to see a number of guns in one place; I felt like it was time to post a project picture with an actual weapon.

But before I got there, I changed my mind and headed to the shooting range instead. The Geek and I had driven by there a few days prior, which triggered the idea. I thought I could get some pics of the signs outside and call it good. Plus I wanted to try out a new photograph app I downloaded last week:

App: Frametastic
So all of those signs were posted on the outside of building and I thought they made a tidy little vignette which was Tanya-blog-perfect. 

I had no intentions of going inside because, frankly, the thought terrified me. Besides people being able to smell I was an anti-gun communist as soon as I walked in the place, therefore causing all of them to collectively pull their concealed Texas Defenders on me:

I really didn't think I would be able to go onto the actual shooting range unless I would be, you know, shooting stuff.* But I could see some signs in there that intrigued me and I felt like I would be compromising my artistic integrity** if I didn't at least check out the interior. 

I hit the mother load.  

It was a shooting range, yes. It was also a retail outlet, 100,000 square feet at least, of nothing but guns and gun accoutrements. 

The Target of firearms, if you will.

Complete with employees wearing matching, embroidered shirts. 

And a snack snack bar.  

They called your name over the intercom when your food order was ready. 

Not that I ordered anything. I was too busy being stunned by the sheer volume of guns.  You got an idea from Monday's photo, but here's the look I was going for before Mr. OU unintentionally photo-bombed my carefully composed picture:  

Each case in the pic contains 18 really long guns, meaning in this shot alone there are 216 weapons. That's not counting all the glass cases you can't see, the guns lined up against the back wall or all the hand guns that were in separate cases. (The video I posted at the end spans all the rifle cases at the very end and gives you an idea of how many are there.)

And guess what? 

They didn't smell me!  

I even blatantly took out my phone and started taking pictures willy nilly and no one tried to stop me. In fact, some of those dudes even asked if I needed any help.  

Say me, in a perfect world: Um, Yeah. I need help with a vegetarian menu. What brand of soy do you recommend? 

I would compare the visit to a kid being in a candy shop, but I'm not sure that particular simile is appropriate. It was more akin to a religious fundamentalist experiencing a store like Christie's Toybox for the first time: equal parts revulsion and fascination. 

I'm so going back.  ->

*Which I still plan to do. But I have to go with someone who owns and, more importantly, shoots guns unless I want to make a complete ass out of myself at the front counter. Plus feel like I have to get more proficient with the camera. 

**Yeah. I really did just type out that phrase "compromising my artistic integrity."


Baysage said...

Holy crap! This is where? Can you imagine how many of these there are across the US?

We are a doomed people.

Anonymous said...

The oly thing I can say is that you took a great picture of those guns in those fancy containers. MOM