Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Party in the Trench!

If you're familiar at all with mommy bloggers out there, you know that as a group they take birthday parties seriously.  


You know what I'm saying: Themes. Invitations. Hand-made decorations. Beautiful locations. Color-coordinated everything. Perfect goody bags that are naturally related to the party's theme and likely hand-made and/or hand decorated. Theme-related, home-made food straight from mom's kitchen that took days to prepare. Structured games and activities that are, naturally, theme-related. Ribbons! Bows! Place settings with names. Gorgeous pictures to record every detail for the blog.   

This party here is a perfect example. 

If you want to get really overwhelmed, take a gander at this Pinterest board

Which leads me to Libby's birthday party, which was this past weekend. In the spirit of The Perfect Party, I took LOTS of pictures and naturally planned on blogging ALL about it.  

I'll start with the theme. 

There was no theme. She just wanted some friends to come hang out with her at the park. 

Moving on to the paper products: 

That's right. Left overs from previous gatherings neatly displayed in a Ziploc bag. I was even careful enough not to remove these 

and had one of Libby's friends come up and ask me what it meant.

Take that, Mormon moms.  

By the way, there were no plates or flatware. Hello? Opposable thumbs. 

But I brought some cups! 

Notice the table AND the napkins AND the cups are all blue! It's like I planned it!* Well, OK, some of the napkins aren't blue. But the ones on top are! 

Say you: You mean the ones encouraging 10-year-olds to get boozy with their friends? 

Say me: It gets better. 

The food? 

I slaved all week...

Here was the cake:**

Target The bakery ran out of those cookies and we were afraid we weren't going to have enough so we had to improvise: 

Oh! Let me show you the decorations: 

As for the games, well, there's a huge city draining system concrete byway that runs through the middle of the park. It goes from one street to another and is about 3 feet below ground level and a few feet wide. The kids pretty much stayed in there most of the time. We barely saw them the entire party. 

Goody bags? 


Those things are way too much trouble and kids in America have enough crap anyway.

I totally think I should submit the event to this blog for a potential feature post, don't you? -> 

*Did you notice the lovely lighting I have going on those photos? I thought it was a nice touch. 
**OMG, YES. She had a real cake. I served it at the family birthday dinner.  


Carolyn said...

Okay, did Libby and her friends have a good time? Was it what she asked for? Has she met you? Yes, yes and yes? Good to go (really shabby chic for a one year old????)

Leah said...

Hilarious!!! You know what? If you had slaved over creative activities, cake, etc, the kids STILL would have spent all of their time in that ditch.