Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Ramblings

1) The fam and I are heading out on vacation tomorrow.  We're going to New Mexico--Santa Fe for six nights and then meandering around the state for another week. Assuming it's not on fire. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, who's been to Santa Fe has told me I'm going to love it there. I've no doubt I will and while I'm looking forward to seeing the town, I'm really looking forward to all the photograph opportunities which I know lie ahead. 

2) I ran across this flickr collection a couple of nights ago and was absolutely captivated. A photographer in New York City takes pictures of the local flavor, as I do, but he has a special place in his heart for drug addicts. He gets to know people, snaps their picture and tells a snippet of their story. The portraits are wonderful and the words behind them are compelling and heartbreaking. This one in particular almost brought me to tears

3) It's supposed to be 105 today. One hundred and five degrees. That is just too damned hot.

4) I just learned the news that there was a shooting in a Colorado movie theater last night. Twelve dead. Some guy waltzed into a Batman premier and opened fire. But we shouldn't let this isolated event stop us from owning and sometimes openly carrying guns because it's America and it's our RIGHT as Americans to own weapons specifically designed for killing living things.   

Or this isolated event. 

Or this one.  

Or this one. 

Or this one.  

Or this one....

(Or this one.) 

Sorry--this turned into an early Monday rant. 

Song of the week: 

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