Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Post is a Mess. But it Will Stay. Your Move, Blogger

As you know, we have two cats. One cat is an old, angry, bald man. 

The other one? 

Yolanda Yorgenson.  Yo-Yo for short.  AKA "Da Yo" 

She's the Kim Kardashian of cats. 

Lovely, but worthless.  

You can't pick her up, she won't sit in your lap, she refuses to snuggle, there's no getting her on your bed for that classic walk-in-your-bedroom-find-a-cat-on-your-bed scenario (I love that), she loudly insists on being let outside at 5 in the morning (EVERY morning), she loudly insists on being let back in at 5:10 a.m., she randomly pees in closets and plants and she's not even a bugger, let alone a mouser. To top it all off, she's skittish beyond belief and takes off like a bullet anytime a stranger dares to cross her threshold. 

Case in point: I have a friend who's moving back to Norman and she and her husband stayed with us for a few nights back in May while they were here house hunting. Night one with strangers in her midst and Yo-Yo kitty took off, but she kind of hung out in the yard. Night two with strangers in the house she yelled at the back door for us to let her in. When I opened the door for her however, she took one look in the house, discovered there were still non-Matteks who had the nerve to be in there and took off.  

We didn't see her again. 

For weeks. 

We didn't see her for so long, in fact, that we were convinced she had either died or forced herself upon another family. Probably the latter because seeing as I've diagnosed her with an attachment disorder, it wouldn't be any big deal for her to move right into another human's home. Especially since she's so pretty. No self-respecting cat lover is going to turn her away.  

Which is where my neighbor comes in. 

Him, to us last night: Hey you guys aren't missing your cat are you? 

The Boy: Uh, yeah. We are. Why? 

The neighbor: Because I'm pretty sure she's been living in my attic for the last month.  

You read that correctly, folks. Right next door the ENTIRE time.  

Remember this incident with my dog? 

Same neighbor. 

Who are obviously running a pet Shangri-La on the down low. 

We have yet to be able to confirm our wayward cat is actually inhabiting the attic for a couple of reasons. 

1) The same couple who stayed with us before and initially ran off the cat stayed with us again last night. Plus they had their two kids with them, which had we brought her back, would have sent our cat running into traffic, no doubt. 

2)Now that we know she's there, she refused to even be SEEN today. Libby and Mitch went traipsing around the attic and the cat stayed well out of sight. She may very well be feral at this point. But she was half there already, so that wouldn't be a surprise.  

I'm not even sure why I'm expending this much energy being worried about her. 

In fact, I won't. I'm moving on! In other pet news, we had the The Boston Terror here with us for a week while my parents caroused Canada. Turns out she will turn on a hose like a cock in a fight. MY dog freaks when you turn on the hose too, but he just goes after the water: 

The Terror on the other hand, goes right for the source: 

I had lots of other stuff I was going to say about this damn dog, mostly that in a fit of trying to save us from that wily hose she missed the hose entirely and BIT MY LEG leaving a bruise roughly the size of Nebraska as her mark. But as you can clearly see from this schizophrenic styled post, Blogger is giving me issues. Again. I can't go in and make edits because every time I try to go to the compose screen Blogger crashes. And I can't make changes to the html because every time I try to do so Blogger crashes. I can't cut and paste into a new edit screen because every time I do Blogger crashes. And I simply refuse to lose another entry to Blogger. I WIN THIS ROUND!!

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Carolyn said...

And you did win. The blog is still here! Well done!