Monday, June 11, 2012

Conceal and Carry

I ended up sitting in part of a concealed weapon permit class yesterday. 

I know. I KNOW!  Long story.  

Here's what I learned during my brief time there:  

1) If you're anti-gun and the pro-gun people surrounding you know you're anti-gun, I think it makes them a bit nervous that you're there. With a camera. And a blog. 

2) There are lots of wrong ways to hold a gun. 

3) You should never point a muzzle at something unless you intend to "kill or destroy it." I guess I should consider myself lucky I got out of this photo shoot alive. 

4) The instructor, for "my safety and his", didn't want me to say his name or take his picture. However, here are the results of his shooting 10 rounds: 

I would like to point out that the instructor, who wishes to remain on the down-low as I said, was the the ONLY one who went for head shots during the shooting phase of the conceal and carry class.  

Thus ensuring his spot on the world wide web.  


5) People can hear sexual innuendos anywhere, anytime, any place.

6) You're required to cover your ears when you're in close proximity to people shooting guns. If you choose not to wear the earmuffs and you have no other protection for your ears, you get generic, spongy, foamy plugs.  

5) Those spongy ear foam plugs? If you twist them really small before you insert them, they expand to fit YOUR ears and therefore work much better. Plus they stay put! How cool is that?  

6) It's really hard to hear with those spongy ear foam plugs inserted. 

7) Also they were orange. Not my best color. -> 

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