Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I have a dead tree in my yard. It happened last summer when it was 179 degrees for 456 days in a row. The Geek, bless him, tried to water it and revive it at one point.  

Me: It's dead. 

Him: It's not dead.  

Me: It's so dead.  

It wasn't long before he conceded that yes, the tree is dead.  

And I know it's dead because along with the fact that there are no leaves on it, the tree rats squirrels are snacking on the bark like a bowl of chips and salsa at happy hour: 

It took us a few days to figure out where the bark was going. We just noticed little bits disappearing here and there until we caught one red-handed. 

I have never liked this tree. Ever. It was scrawny and ugly and too close to the house for comfort. And now? Now it's had the nerve to DIE which means I'm going to have it get it removed. I've lined up three companies for estimates this weekend and I'm terrified of the bottom line.  

Here is where Valium might come in handy.  

City of the week: Berlin, Germany 

Population: approximately 3.4 million

Random fact: My parents lived in Germany when The Berlin Wall came down. I actually have little chunks of it.  

Song of the week:  

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