Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stuff I Hate

I hate when I sit down to write a blog entry and nothing comes to mind.  


The blank screen just mocks me. Taunts me. Goads me.  

So I'm harnessing that hate and using it as inspiration for my blog entry today.* 

Things I Hate: A Likely Woefully Incomplete List

1) I hate cleaning toilets.

2) I hate that my dog always stinks. 

3) I hate corn dogs. And radishes. And banana-flavored candy. 

4) I hate it when you're trying to merge on the highway and the jackass driver on the lane right next to you purposefully speeds up so she doesn't have to let you in.  

5) I hate SUVs. 

6) I hate roaches in my house. And cicadas.  

7) I hate that I get stuck in ruts and can't seem to navigate out of them.  

8) I hate large portions of my back yard. 

9) I HATE flies.  

10) I hate that I can get so distracted by the internet.  

11) I hate show tunes. 

12) I hate it when you buy a six-pack of happy flowers, plant them, love them and a month later they're dead.  

13) I hate that stores bag your gallon of milk that comes with a handle. * 

14) I hate that the vast majority of stores still use plastic bags for bagging goods.

15) I hate perfume.  

16) I hate that my default mode is to procrastinate.  

17) I hate gin.  

18) I hate that I have started four books in the past four months and have yet to finish any of them.  

19) I hate cleaning up cat barf.  

20) I also hate cleaning the kitty litter. 

21) And the fact that my cat is still bald 

22) I hate when I need a ruler and I can't find one even though I know there are at least 16 in this house.  

23) I hate these weird-ass, freaky crickets

24) I hate ending lists on a weird number and having to think of one more think I hate.

25) OH! I hate that the trend of wearing your way-too-big pants way below your waistline therefore exposing your boxer shorts is still alive and well in some teen circles. ->

*This is what I call "writing what you know" also known as "the lazy way to blog".  

**The Boy is now enjoying a career as a "courtesy clerk" at a local grocery store chain. He informed me it's store policy for them to bag the milk. Because the milk sweats. Well! We certainly can't have THAT, can we?  


Nectarine said...

Re: Banana flavoured candies. Gross, right?

Toronto is banning plastic bags as of 2013. Whoohoo! (for the past few years there has been a mandatory 5cent charge for bags, so that has helped cut down too)

Gin is awesome. I will gladly drink your share.

Tanya said...

I would love the 5-cent-per-bag tax, but people would go ape-shit here if stores had the nerve to implement it. As it is, Target will give you a 5-cent credit for each reusable bag you bring in. But I maintain they should give us credit for the number of plastic bags we DON'T use, which would be significantly higher. You can't tell me there isn't a way to calculate a resonable estimate as to the number of bags we saved because we brought our own.