Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stuff I Love

Seeing as I posted a list of stuff I hate last week, I felt compelled to continue on that theme this week and go for the opposite approach. 

I could go on forever with this series of posts, but I shall end it after this one. 

Stuff I love: A Woefully Incomplete List

1) I love that my son turned 18 on Saturday and he's already picked up a voter registration card.  

2) I love the smell of fresh cut grass and coffee.  I hate the taste of coffee, but I love the way it smells.  

3) I love Diet Coke, popcorn and home made chocolate chip cookies. 

4) I love Sharpies.  

5) I love digging my toes in wet sand.  

6) I love hand-made journals.   

7) I love discovering new music.  

8) I love wine. 

9) I love getting into a bed made with freshly laundered sheets.  

10) I love fireflies.  

11) I love taking pictures of strangers.

12) I love walking into a used book store for the very first time. 

13) I love a cold beer on a hot summer day.  

14) I love road trips.  

15) I love the OU library

16) I love retro neon signs.  

17) I love people who don't take themselves too seriously.  

18) I love well done graffiti. 

19) I love the way sliced purple onions look in a salad. 

20) I LOVE salad. 

21) I love how I feel after a workout is done even though I don't necessarily love working out. 

22) I love to bake.  

23) I love the sound of children's laughter and wind chimes. 

24) I love NPR.  

25) I love quirky towns.  ->

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